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Super Friday videos!!!

Here are some more videos to improve our English in class. The first video will be presented by Andrea, Estefanía and M Mar.

Before watching the video, answer these questions:

  1. How do you think politicians control us? 
  2. Why do people disapprove the women that wear man’s clothes? 
  3. Do you think that we are taught to think for ourselves?

Now answer these questions:

  1. Have you ever seen this film? 
  2. Do you think his reasoning is correct? 
  3. Why women hurt other women instead of supporting them? 
  4. Do you see any similarities between the actual policy and the film’s policy? 

Now here is a song:

Here is the link to the game on lyricstraining.

Now it is time to listen to another song qhich is perfect to revise conditional clauses in English.

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Super Friday is here!

Here are more videos to enjoy Super Friday and improve our English.

The first video is a song presented by OSCAR and BENITO.


Click on HULAHOOP-OMI to see the activities.

Here is the lyrics video.

Now it is time for the presentation by Juan Carlos and Ángel.

Click on SCREAMQUEENS to have access to the questions.

Here is video about Internet addition.

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Unit 3: Present simple

Today we will learn how to speak about daily routines using the present simple.

Activity 1: Pay attention to this video about the present simple in English.

Activity 2: Let’s watch this funny video about the present simple.

Activity 3: Listen to this video about the third person singular.

Activity 4: Pay attention to the spelling rules for the third person singular.

Activity 5: Now it’s your turn! Transform these sentences into the third person singular.

  1. I live in Spain. My mother lives in Spain.
  2. I work in a school. My father …
  3. I like football. My brother …
  4. I have got a dog. My sister …
  5. I play tennis. My friend …

Activity 6: Watch this video and transform these sentences in activity 5 into the negative.

  1. I don’t live in Spain. My mother doesn’t live in Spain.
  2. I …
  3. I …
  4. I …
  5. I …

Activity 7: And finally, answer these questions about yourself.



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Super Friday videos 1st Bachillerato

Here are more videos to celebrate Super Friday. This is the song presented by Alejandra and Miriam. Listen to the song and complete the tasks on the following worksheet.

Anwer these questions:

  1. What is the song about?
  2. Do you like it?

Song by Alejandra Leal and Miriam Mariscal

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Super Friday videos

Here is the videos presented by Sara’s group.

Videos about Charity (social experiments)

Questions before the 1st video:

  1. Have you ever give money to charity?
  2. When we donate money, we tend to feel better with ourselves. Do you think it’s a totally altruistic action then?

Questions before the 2nd video:

  1. Do you think people in our society are generally selfish or generous? Why?
  2. For what reasons do you decided not to give money to an homeless person?
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Education can kill terrorism

Here is a collection of cartoons created by different artists from around the world as a tribute to the French people after the terrorist attacks in Paris last 13th November.

Paris images.PNG

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Revision unit 2

On this post you will find activities to practise for your exam for unit 2.

Activity 1: Complete these activities on-line. Write the description of the character on the first page and translate it into Spanish in your notebook.

What are the parts of the body that appear in this interactive activity? Write the words in your notebook.


Activity 2: Listen to the description of these people. Choose a person and write the description in your notebook.


Activity 3: Now practise the plural completing the activities on-line. Write the words you can see in singular and plural in your notebook.



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Describing and comparing landforms

Our next project is related to Social Science. In pairs you will describe and compare two different landforms or water forms. You will work on this Project today and next Wednesday 18th November in the English and Social Science class.

IMPORTANT!!!! Bring coloured pencils, a rulerhighlighters and a compass to draw your project.


In pairs you will describe two landforms or water forms on two different A3 pieces of paper. You will include the description of your landforms in a Venn diagram, similar to this:

venn diagram

You can use these expressions to describe and compare your landforms:

  • It has sand.
  • It has waves too.
  • It is like a beach.
  • It is cold / hot / rainy. (climate)
  • You can find this in regions next to a sea.
  • It formed by erosion from the waves of the sea.
  • It’s a great place to swim, build sand castles and sunbathe.
  • It occurs when
  • This landform is found / located in
  • It is surrounded by
  • It is an area of
  • There is / There are … (animals or plants)

On a different piece of paper you will include a picture of the two forms described including the terms.

Don’t include your names on the paper including the drawings!



If you want a perfect project pay attention to the following evaluation criteria that your teachers will take into account:



At home you will have a week to search information about your landforms. You can use the following resources for your research on the Internet:





Here is the result of our project created by our students last year. Work and try to make your best writing the descriptions and making the drawings! In class you will have to present your project while the rest of the students will have to complete a worksheet.





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Super Friday videos

Here is the first video for this super Friday presented by Paula’s group!
Click on Just the way you are to read the worksheet with the activities.

Here is the second presentation by Alejandro’s group.

Click on Super Friday to see the worksheet including the activities.


1.- In which of the two videos…
– Nicky Minaj dance
– There are dancers
– Nicky doesn’t comes down for a scairs
2.- Who imitates whom?
– Yull Barrera
– Angy
– Roko
3.- What is refearing the singers when say BANG BANG?
– Something related with sex
– The sound of a gun
– Something related to the war
Elena López Gómez 1ºD and Claudia Marín Marín 1ºA
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Telling scary stories

To celebrate Halloween week our Bachillerato students wrote scary stories. Here are some of them:

scary stories

Send a comment! Read your classmates’ stories and send a comment telling your opinion about them. What is your favourite story?

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