Shakespeare Wall

Here are the Plotagon videos created to celebrate our cultural week this year dedicated to the Renaissance. We thought that creating stories inspired by Shakespeare could be a good idea. Watch the videos and rate them. You can add comments too. WRITE YOUR NAME TO IDENTIFY YOUR COMMENTS.



Oratory contest in English and Spanish

This term our cross-curricular project will consist of an oratorical contest in English and Spanish. You will work in groups of six students. Each member of the team will perform one of the following tasks.


  1. Presentation of a thought experiment. (2 minutes maximum)
  2. For and against speech about issues affecting society. (2 minutes maximum)
  3. Sale of an object. The student will choose an object from a box. They will have to convince the audience about the need and benefits of that object. (2 minutes maximum)
  4. Defensa de un escritor. (2 minutos máximo)
  5. Discurso motivador. Los alumnos intentarán persuadir al público para que actúen. (2 minutos máximo)
  6. Declamación de un poema. (2 minutos máximo)

Here is the video of the final of the contest organised in Madrid.

Here are the different tasks:

Here is a sample of a for and against speech in English.


Do you want to sound smart in your speech, watch these videos!


Advertising Christmas

Here are some amazing commercials created for Christmas.

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012 The Journey

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013 The Bear and the Hare

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 Monty the Penguin

Happy Holidays from Coca-Cola

Sainsbury Christmas Advert 2014

Sainsbury Advert 2015

John Lewis Advert 2015

Macy’s Advert 2015

German Christmas Advert 2015

Dad Supreme 

Sainsbury Advert 2016


M&S Advert 2016


John Lewis Advert 2016

H&M Advert 2016

RadioActive T.E.A.M. Session 5

Today we will have three different tasks.

Task 1: Visit the page TEAM UP. Check if your national group is included in the table. Choose a topic if you have not done so yet and go to forum#2 to send your partners a message telling them that you want to collaborate with them.

Task 2: Once you have your topic, go to the page created for your team in the section EDITORIAL MEETING and brainstorm ideas about what you want to speak about.

Task 3: You will write a collaborative story about a Christmas elf that got lost. Describe what Christmas is celebrated in our country. Write about the sights, smells and sounds. You can contribute to this story during this week until the 5th December included. YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THIS STORY WILL GIVE YOU EXTRA POINTS IN THE FINAL MARKS!!!!