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Let’s practise with the alphabet!

on September 18, 2010

Let’s practise with the alphabet with these activities:

Activity 1: Let´s learn the alphabet with these songs:

Activity 2: Then click on the letters to listen to the sounds. Listen and repeat.

Write down the words that appear in alphabetical order in your notebook.

Activity 3: Now listen to the sound and click the correct letter of the alphabet.

Activity 4: Send me a comment and tell us your opinion about these activities. Use these expressions:

In my opinion, the rap song is boring / easy / interesting …  I do not like the game. / I like the game. I think that the game is easy / difficult.


2 responses to “Let’s practise with the alphabet!

  1. José Antonio Tebar Falcón says:

    In my opinion, this exercises were so difficult that nobody could send a comment.

  2. cano says:

    it’s very difficult¡¡¡

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