An interview with Javier Bardem

Here you have an interview with one of our most international Spanish actors … Javier Bardem.

What do you know about him? Let´s find our in this interview for the New York Times Style Magazine on Youtube.

Now pay attention to this presentation and answer the questions:  Javier Bardem Interview Presentation

Your project: Choose a famous sportman, artist, actor and create a new project similar to this, including an interview you can find on the Internet. Follow the same structure and numbers of slides.

– Make sure that we can understand the interview. We can understand much better famous Spanish people like Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, Fernando Alonso, when they speak in English, to give you a few examples.

-You will present your project to your classmates.

 – We can make this project in pairs but you must include two interviews in each presentation. Each one will present one famous person. -Publish your project on the Internet in Slideshare and send me the link to .

– I will post the best projects in our Bilingual Blog. 

Your comment: Send us your opinion about Javier Bardem. What else do you know about him?

Enjoy learning English!


One thought on “An interview with Javier Bardem

  1. 1. Our first presentation by Javier López: An interview with Penélope Cruz
    2. Another presentation by Eduardo Zafra: An interview with Cesc Fábregas
    3. An interesting interview with Rihanna by Sonia Reyes
    4. This is a presentation by José Luis Viega with an interview with Fernando Alonso.
    5. An interview with the actor Gerard Butler by Irene Herrera.
    6. Another interesting presentation by Irene Arenas with an interview with Josh Hartnett.
    7. This is an interview with Eminem by Eugenio Rodríguez.
    8. Another interview with Penélope Cruz by Laura Romero.
    9. An interview with Orlando Bloom by Marta Segura.

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