It’s about time!

Let’s practise with the pronunciation of the days of the week, months and seasons and telling the time.

First, listen and repeat the days of the week:

Then, the months of the year:

Now practise with the seasons:

Now it’s time to sing! Let’s listen to a song about the seasons of the year:

Now learn this chant about the days of the months of the year:

Activity 1: Send a comment to this post about your favourite day of the week. Explain why you like that day. Write about your favourite season and month of the year too. Explain your answer.

For example: My favourite day of the week is Monday because I have an English class.

Finally, let’s learn how to tell the time:

Activity 2: Write down the times that appear in the video in your notebook.

Now practise telling the time with this interactive clock:

To play more games about time, click here.

Learning English is fun!

One thought on “It’s about time!

  1. anderson says:

    after,the school.I have lunch.I play the computer game and I do my homework.I visit the museum and Is cinema.The film is “pesadilla en el street”.I my house.I dinner at 10:00 o clock and go to the bed

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