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Thanksgiving Day

on November 22, 2010

Let’s learn about the celebration of Thanksgiving Day the USA with a presentation designed by our assistant Brooke.

Activity 1: Translate the quote by John F. Kennedy in the first slide of  the presentation.
Activity 2: Answer the questions in the presentation and send them via e-mail.
Activity 3: Make a comment to this post suggesting any films where thanksgiving appears.

5 responses to “Thanksgiving Day

  1. Elena & Alba says:

    (Elena) : I think we should include Thanksgiving to our Spanish traditions.

    I love this video, it’s funny, but it’s what’s happening now when the family come to eat together, in short, we love food and TV.

    (Alba) : I agree with Elena. We must include this celebration to our culture.

  2. NeReA!! =) says:

    cuando nosotros expresamos nuestra gratitud nunca debemos olvidar el gran aprecio que no es pronunciar una palabra pero para vivirla.
    1)as they are now commonly known ,began th work of estabiliching a village at plymounth.
    2)bacause they want their cultivate corn.
    3)the day after thanksgiving.

  3. Alejandro R. & Álvaro Boris R.Z says:

    The history of John F.Kennedy is very interesting
    We think that Kennedy was a good person

  4. José Antonio Tebar Falcón says:

    Even when I don’t go to school, I do my homework

    The movie “We’re Back: A Dinosaur’s Story”

  5. José Antonio Cárdenas Orta says:

    Thanksgiving Day is very cool, but if the celebration is on Friday, this would better.
    However, it’s very good to celebrate an important chapter of American history.

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