Christmas is here!


As you can see, it is snowing in our Bilingual Blog. Christmas is here! Let’s celebrate it with a few activities.

Activity 1: Play three classical Christmas carols with the help of the “Rain” Deer Orchestra.


Activity 2: Now complete this crossword. Write the words in your notebook.

 Activity 3: Who was the real Santa? Go to this website to find out. Write three main facts about him in your notebook.

Activity 4: Now listen to this story about how they celebrate Christmas in the UK. Write a comment to this post telling us about how you celebrate Christmas time.

Activity 5: Read these jokes about Christmas time. Write three of them in your notebook and try to tell us in class.

Activity 6: Go to the North Pole and find out about the weather there. Write down the weather forecast for the five next days.

Activity 7: What was the star of Bethlehem? Find out in this website.

Activity 8. Finally, listen to this Christmas carol sang by Justin Bieber and answer these questions:

1. Do you know who wrote the lyrics?

2. Who sang it before Justin?

3. Who did Justin sing this song last Christmas for? (hint: a very important person in the US)

Write the answers in a comment and include your favourite Christmas carol.



21 thoughts on “Christmas is here!

  1. Angie says:

    Hello teacher!!
    The song is good but Girl Of my Dreams or Summertime Anthem by the Jonas Brothers are very good christmas songs too!! :/

    Christmas time is here again by the Beatles is cool!

    Bye teacher!!

  2. Paloma F.f says:

    Hi Favourite Teacher!! jeje :p
    The songs are very very very beautifu!!!
    I love the song by Justin Bieber!!!:D
    Bye Teacher!
    See you the next day!

  3. José Antonio Cárdenas Orta says:

    The song is very good, it says things that today they aren’t remember,but the melody is of a jazz music, not of Christmas music.

  4. Patricia y Manuel says:

    We spent Christmas with the family. We meet on the day 24, some 25, with 31 in the new year and the Kings (day 6) have dinner together and sing Christmas carols.
    Day 6 in the morning we have the gifts in the sitting room that we open.
    And the day 7 again to the same old routine.

  5. diego jose perez diez says:

    At christmas, I go to my grandparents’ house to celebrate the Christmas eve and the New Year with my family. It’s a lot of FUN!!

  6. Alejandro Rodriguez says:

    I love Christmas .I go to my cousin´s house on Christmas Eve and in the New
    Year I go to my grandparents’ house.
    Happy NEW YEAR

  7. José Antonio Cárdenas Orta says:

    Saint Nicholas help to all the people that they nedd him.
    He was remembered until today.
    He lived in the currently Turkey.

  8. Laura Delgado Lucas says:

    I celebrate Christmas by decorating my house with a crib. That day we celebrated the whole family together at dinner. This is my second favorite day

  9. José Antonio Cárdenas Orta says:

    Saint Nicholas help to all the people who they ned him.
    He was remembered until today.
    He lived in the currently Turkey.

  10. Rocio Torrado y David Salas says:

    Christmas is our favourite time of year. We decorate our Chritmas tree with baubles, tinsel and lights. It is fantastic! We send present to my family. We love Christmas!

  11. jose antonio & rocio f :) says:

    I decorate a tree and give presents to my parents.
    I don’t decorate a tree because I haven’t a tree but I put the nativity scene.

  12. LoreMacu says:

    Hi, I think so Justin Bieber is the best 🙂 The song was sang to Obama in the White House, and was written by Stewie Wonder.

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