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Review activities for the 1st graders

on December 30, 2010

Before you start playing with your new presents in our blog you can review what you have learned in the first term with interactive activities from a cool website: Brainpob. Really fun and useful!


Review these lists of vocabulary. Listen and repeat the words in the appendix.

Don’t forget to go through all these lists of vocabulary:

One question. Do you think this website is British or American. Why?


For social studies here are some interesting activities.


Now an interactive activity related to science.


And finally a fun game to learn more about the orchestra. Click on launch and try to get all the instruments in an amazing safari.

Don’t forget to post a comment telling us your opinion about these activities.


4 responses to “Review activities for the 1st graders

  1. Carlota Nieto Zalba says:

    The activities are very good and I learn a lot.

  2. Pablo says:

    The activities is very very easy

  3. PaLoma says:

    The activities are very very very fun!!

  4. Inma says:

    Hi! (:
    The activities of Social Sciences are very very fun!

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