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Las mujeres en la literatura de la Edad Media

on February 23, 2011

Actividad 1: Poema del Mio Cid

Visita esta página web donde encontrarás información sobre el Poema del Mio Cid. Lee sobre los personajes y observa el cómic. Fíjate en el papel de las figuras femeninas en cada escena. Coméntalas en grupo.

Activity 2: The legend of Robin Hood

Watch the interactive trailer of the new Robin Hood film and answer these questions:

  1. Who was Robin Hood according to this new film?
  2. How is Lady Marian called in the film? Why?
  3. How is she described? What do the director and actors say about this female character?
  4. What is the role of other women in the film?
  5. What is so extraordinary about this new Marian compared to other medieval women, or to other versions in previous films?


Activity 3: The legend of King Arthur

The Knights of the Round Table would have very little adventures if the women have no part in the Arthurian literature; they would be incomplete without women. Here we have a few articles on the Arthurian women. Choose a female character.



You must design a doll based on your favourite female character from the Arthurian legend. The figure must have three features (things that the toy can do) as well as three accessories (small items that come with the toy). Designing a vehicle and an ad for another toy are also part of the assignment. Draw a poster with a picture of the doll and all the information included.

Activité 4: Chasse au trésortrésor

Allez sur le site: http://www.curiosphere.tv/moyenage/labo_ma.htm

Jouez et répondez aux questions:

  1. Comment s’appellent les 5 grandes périodes de l’histoire?
  2. Qui fut l’ancêtre des rois de France?
  3. Un roi sacré, c’est quoi?
  4. Comment sont nées les frontières de la France?
  5. Comment s’appelaient les 3 petits-fils de Charlemagne qui se partagent son empire?
  6. Comment s’appellent les 3 royaumes nés du partage de l’empire de Charlemagne?
  7. Sous quel roi Paris est–elle devenue capitale? 8. Comment la France s’est-elle construite?


Proyecto interdiciplinar: “Nuestra cartelera de cine histórico”

Diseña tres carteles, uno en cada idioma, para una película histórica basada en las leyendas de los personajes de la Edad Media estudiados en este tema.


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