Sexism and stereotypes in advertising

Before the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s, sexism in advertising was not only tolerated, it was expected and actively encouraged, through very chauvinistic ads.

These ads belong to a time when sexism as well as racism and other forms of intolerance were common. Studying these old ads helps us reflect on today’s society and shows how far we’ve come.

Activity 1:  You will create a collage with images found in extremely sexist old adverts from the 50s. Include a slogan comparing this old role of women with the image of women in our current society.

You can use these websites:

We have analised sexist adverts in the 50s, but unfortunately we haven’t come so far. Adverstisement in our modern world are sometimes sexist, but in different ways.

Activity 2: Participate in our new wallwisher including the link to an image or a video of any current advert promoting female stereotypes or where women are used to sell products, treated as sex objects, or held down by men. On the contrary, you can either include an image of a non-sexist advert showing the new role of women and men in our society.

To express your opinion in the wallwisher you can use the following expressions:  Personally, I think that … Fortunately/unfortunately, Obviously, In my opinion, I believe , I agree/disagree (with/that), It seems to me, From my point of view, As far as I’m concerned, To be honest, I am in favour of, I am for, I am against, The way I see it …


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