Learning English with lyrics videos

Lyrics videos are great to practise your English having fun. Here are some of my favourite videos.

“Hollywood” by Michael Bublé

“I Haven’t Found You Yet” by Michael Bublé

“Who’s That Chick?” David Guetta feat Rihanna

“Price Tag” by Jessie J.

“On My Mind” by Cody Simpson

Send a comment! We am waiting for your comments about them. What is your favourite video? Do you know any other lyric videos? Send us the link.

10 thoughts on “Learning English with lyrics videos

  1. Rocio Torrado says:

    My favourite song is “Price Tag” by Jessie J.
    I love his lyrics, and has much truth. We should leave the money aside and enjoy life more.

  2. José Antonio Tebar Falcón says:

    All the songs are really nice and well made. BUt what I wanted to say is that in “I Haven’t Found You Yet”, He sais “It’ll”

  3. Paola says:

    Teacher i love all of these songs but my favourite is ”I haven’t met you yet” and don’t know why but I love the lyrics, I love the rhythm…

  4. José Antonio Cárdenas Orta says:

    I prefer “Hollywood” because in my opinion it says in its sentences that we mustn’t do silly things to try to be “populars”. Besites, I like its music.

  5. Miguel Ángel says:

    My favorite music is “Who’s That Chick?” Rihanna feat David Guetta, the letter is very good and sounds of techno as well. The video is very well done, for me is one of the best videos with lyrics.

  6. Manuel MR says:

    My favourite song is Hollywood of Michael Bublé, because his song has a good music and lyrics and transmit a clear message.

  7. Francisco Borrego says:

    I like ¨Haven’t Met You Yet¨, i like this because talk about the love and it is nice and funny, i never listen this song

  8. Marta S. says:

    This page is fantastic! I’m crazy but I like this page jajaja 🙂
    I’m Marta S. I’m 12 years old and I’m in the class 1ºB.
    Bye! See you.

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