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LyricsGaps: a fun way to learn English

on June 11, 2011

Here is another website similar to Lyrics Training to improve your English and other languages. Try the latest song by Bruno Mars:

Here is the same song included in the Lyrics Training website:

Activity: Register. It is free! Add your own exercise. Write a comment to this post with the link to your song.


8 responses to “LyricsGaps: a fun way to learn English

  1. Laura Delgado and Paula Huerta says:

    Laura and me prefer the second video because its very intresting and very very funny, of course

  2. Belen says:

    I think the second video more fun … The first see it more seriously.

  3. Manuel MR says:

    In my opinion the monkeys are very fun, but i prefer the first song.

  4. José A Tebar Falcón says:

    I prefer lyrics training because you havo to write the words and the song stops. BUt what i liked the most were the monjey. I freakin love the monkeys!!! And the dance too!! It’s the milk! jaja

  5. patri^^ says:

    In my opinion the second video is more fun.

  6. carmen herrera moreno says:

    the videos is very interesting and very funny ¡ thank you teacher !

  7. marta says:

    hello favorite teacher I love the videos, very very funny we mañana.Goodbye kisses

  8. marta says:

    we tomorrow* sorry

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