Our “Interesteen” magazine is here!

Here is the first issue of our “Interesteen” magazine!

You all helped and made it possible! Now you can start enjoying it! Soon it will be released in full colour.

Within our Bilingual Program, this year we have completed new and ambitious projects like this “Interesteen Magazine”. I just wanted to thank those who made it possible with a lot of effort, imagination, and motivation.

I hope all these projects have increased your interest to know and learn English, our main objective at the Bilingual Program at I.E.S. Albert Einstein.

Remember that English can be easy and fun if you really put passion into it, as we all have been doing during this school year.

Send a comment: Tell us your opinion about the title, layout, the most interesting article, your favourite sections, or any other suggestions.



33 thoughts on “Our “Interesteen” magazine is here!

  1. Jane & Cosy says:

    We think the magazine is very beautifful and it has a lot of colours and interesting information 😀
    Jane: But I would like that the teacher have included the ads that we do before, or the cartels from the films and theatre play that some people have done. I’m disapointed ;_·

  2. José Antonio Cárdenas says:

    The title is very clever and the layout too. I think that Polybius is one of the most interesting articles because it tells us a mysterious case which happens several years ago in USA, but today it hasn’t been solved.
    Of course, my favourite section is “Holy Week” ( one of these articles was written by me).

  3. José A Tebar Falcón says:

    This magazine is something that should have been done before, because it’s a project made of a little bit of all of us.
    Thank you teacher and well done for editing the articles and making the whole magazine. It’s awesome!!

  4. patri^^ says:

    I think the magazine itself very interesting, but the article I liked was the summer of love of course.
    Have if we publish many more.

  5. Jose Luis VR says:

    In general the magazine isvery good but for my the best article is “Latest news in football” because inform about the news in the football.

  6. Ale y Cristian says:

    Well, we think that this magazine is very “interesteen” because the articles are very good. We like the Einstein’s article and the game’s article. ^^

  7. Marta :) says:

    My favourite article is about the five best love films because my friend Isabel has explained what are her favourite films and I love this type. Three of the films I didn’t see and I want to see soon. The magazine is very good.

  8. Eugenio Rodríguez says:

    Some articles are interesting because it’s about diferent topics. Other didn’t like . The last page is the best because talk about holidays .

  9. eric says:

    In my opinion, I think that this magazine is really interesting, I think that is a good option for reading interesting things like sports, news… so if you want to have a good evening reading visit this bolg and enjoy it!

  10. Raquel Castillo 1ºA says:

    I think that it’s a very good idea!
    Because a lot of students have collaborated and we learnt a lot of interesting things.
    My favorite page was top five romantic films.

  11. Álvaro & Sonia says:

    We think the magazine is an interesting idea. The name is so original, we like it 🙂 Our favourite section is “top five romantic films”. The magazine has a lot of interesting information for teens and it is so entertaining.

  12. Francisco José Borrego says:

    In my opinion, I think that this magazine is good, but, have some articles very borring, for example the royal wedding, is a exercise that we do in class. To, this magazine could do before the summer time, and would have been done more articles. I think that the best article is the 15-movement or spanish-revolution is very interesting, talk about now that is doing the people. Some articles use ctrl+c and ctrl +v and it’s all. It’s very well realized, thanks teacher, the final coment it’s beautiful, good job¡

  13. Irene Herrera Rus says:

    the magazine is fine with a lot of different themes but i’d like that the part of justin was deleted. For all the magazine is very good and I like a lot the films.

  14. Eduardo Zafra says:

    What I like the most about this magazine is the design. It really looks like a real magazine that you can see in any shop. However, when you read the articles, not all of them are really “interesteen”, although there are some articles that I like. For example, articles about call of duty, polybius… etc.

    The teacher has made the best job!

  15. Ana María says:

    My opinion is that the magazine is very interesting because magazine has got article is very good although there is a article that I think not is very good about Justin Bieber but in general is very amazing and I can see that has collaborated more people.

  16. Irene Arenas and Aida Rivero says:

    We think that the magazine “Interesteen” is very interesting because there are a lot of topics very funny for the teenagers. You can learn about the last news , news songs, tips about your health, films , and other things. Our favourite article is “Top five romantics films” because it is about the best romantics films of the actuality. The article speak about our favourite romantic film that is “The notebook” who is about two teenagers that fall in love.
    Finally we think that is a good project and the people that had made this magazine had made a good work.

  17. Javier López Aguirre says:

    I like the magazine because there are a lot of things. The most I like is the part of football and videogames. The Call of Duty is one of my favourite games and this article is very interesting. To end up, I don’t like the ”top five romantic films” and I don’t like the Justin bieber article.

  18. Lucía De Los Reyes Garridio Muñoz says:

    I think the magazine is really beautiful !! ,
    it’s very important that article of the magazine has got colour
    , and the information about the tips of the summer
    the article most beautiful is the 15-M

  19. Miguel Ángel and Jorge Dominguez says:

    We think that this magazine it is very interesting because speak of the actually and some articles it speak of the films romantics, of the games that it have secundary efects, of the football actually for example the record of Cristiano Ronaldo of the 40 goals, of the operation bikini and for us the favourite article is the team of Einstein because we play in this team. But the other articles it is very interesting too.

  20. Anabel Rodríguez says:

    In my opinion the best article is 15-M Movement ,and the magazine is very interesting, is very good,because their subjects are varied .The article that i didn’t like has been Justin Bieber.

  21. Cristina Díaz & Paqui D. says:

    The Magazine is more “Interesteen” !! Our section favourite are: 15-M, 2012, The Punk have a good look and the section of deports. Is a good idea put the magazine in the blog because the people can see our works.

  22. Nadir says:

    En mi opinion, la revista tiene muy buenos articulos sobre todos los de deportes.Aqui puedes pasar un buen rato leyendo si estas aburrido.

  23. Paqui says:

    The articles are very interesting because is very fun. My favourite the five best love films because is very romantic!!! I don’t like Zombis.

  24. María says:

    Teacher thank you!! you include my West Side Story article! I’m really happy with this magazine. How Tebar said I think this should be done before, but ”it isn’t late enough”
    The next year our magazine is going to ROCK!! and people will be impatient to buy it!!

  25. Gabriel González says:

    Nice work teacher! The magazine is very amazing, it has a lot of interesting articles of many different matters. One of the most interesting is the article about 2012. I also think that you had worked a lot to edit and decorate all the articles because they look very beautiful. I hope the next magazines will be as good as this.

  26. Rocio Torrado says:

    Very interesting!
    It contains large and very interesting articles.
    The design is well
    and I’m looking out to buy it!
    kiss (:

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