Internet Safety

Internet is really helpful. Some people can’t even live without it, but it can be very dangerous if you don’t surf following some basic rules.

Activity 1: What do you use the Internet for? Complete this quiz on-line about how you use the Internet.

Activity 2: Watch the following video with ten safe-surfing tips for teenagers. List the main safe surfing tips mentioned in the video.

Activity 3: Now listen to the story of “Caught in the Web”.  Answer the questions:

  1. What are the main characters in the story?
  2. What are the Internet dangers affecting them?
  3. What are the advices given in the story?

Activity 4: Now watch another interesting video about Internet safety and find the answer to these questions.

  1. What is the Internet threat mentioned in the video?
  2. Can you give an advice to avoid that threat?

Here is the song by the band Oasis “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” with the lyrics in English and Spanish:

Optional activity: Here is the same song in the Lyrics Gaps website so you practise your listening and writing skills.

 Activity 5:  Now it’s time for an on-line game. Join the Webonauts Internet Academy and graduate learning how to surf in the confused wordwide web. What is their motto?

Team project: Make a poster or a video with a slogan for Internet safety, include also some of the tips to surf the Internet in a safe way or the main Internet threats and images. You can make this project using construction paper, or in a digital poster using the Glogster website (send me the link) or a video using Windows Movie Maker or any other software to make videos.

Remember: Explore, learn and create using your imagination! You should also cooperate, every member of the group should work in different tasks, such as selecting the images, music, writing the slogan, the tips, editing the video. Together you can learn and build knowledge.

Send a comment! Have you ever had any bad experience surfing the web? Do you know anybody who is or has been threatened on the Internet?


16 thoughts on “Internet Safety

  1. Estíbaliz Vargas says:

    Today we have to be careful in internet, because if you accept people
    who do not know, they can harass you, and the first solution is it to be said to your parents.

  2. José Manuel Grande says:

    You can be the person that you are not in real life, so very people use internet for that, and to much parents are not worried for the webs where their kids log in.. even i know some “sectas” in internet.. Internet only is it safe if you want

  3. Belén Hernández Expósito says:

    we have to be careful with the internet because in the web are dangerous people. the best thing that we can do if we have any problem whit the internet is say it to our parents.

  4. I didn’t have any bad experience with Internet, I chat only with my friends or family. My cousin buys things in other countries in Internet, and more than once he paid the product and it never arrived. I also buy in Internet, but I’ve never had any problems. However, I think that Internet is very important in our life, because it can help us to find information and in a future it can find us a good job.

  5. Esther Anguera says:

    I think we must be careful because it can be very dangerous and sober all there to give personal information and talking to strangers and if something happens to tell the parents.

  6. almudena pérez martínez says:

    i think that we must be careful with the internet because there are webs, blog and sites that can be dangerous and we can be in big problems . so the best way if we had problems is tell to our parents

  7. Alba Aragón says:

    This video explain very well all the problems that you can find in the web and in the real life. I like this video because is a funny way to learn. I think that is very usefull.

  8. Miguel Angel Montoro says:

    teacher in general I think the video is fine, but I like the lost princess was very logical that not the truth

  9. Elia Garrido :) says:

    I think it depends on each person because it’s stupid to be presented to a meeting without having known him before, or leave your mobile no that’s normal at least I do not.

  10. I like the video because with this video you can see the problem of internet and you can detective the problem of the social network .
    Caution with this problem and the people how do that

  11. Marta Godínez (L) says:

    I think a person is smart enough to know that phone numbers, card, where you live so you should not tell anyone, much less the Internet, and if you have any problems you should do what it says on the video is tell your parents and then to the police.

  12. ale says:

    The video of the internet was very interesting bacause it teach to have caution in the web.Was very fun , but the last girl have a very big chopee xd

  13. Lore says:

    Hi teacher,in the video of Lost Princess, I think that it occours to every people everyday, and it’s not so bad for that the parents haved got to call the police. In the video it’s so dramatic. Bullyng occour to a lot of people in the world. Well, in concret the case of Keigen i think’s don’t have anything to see with the others case of bulyng. 🙂

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