Describing People

In this lesson you will learn personality adjectives. We use these adjectives to describe a person’s character.

Activity 1: Click here to complete the first task.

Complete the activity on-line. then make a list of all the adjectives and write the ten correct answers with their definitition (click on See Quiz Script here to copy the definitions).

Activity 2: Now practise with flashcards of more adjectives in English and Spanish.

Complete all these activities on-line:

Activity 3: Watch this presentation with the description of famous people. Then choose one of the celebrities and send a comment to this post with their complete description but in the third person singular. Don’t include their names because we will have to guess who you are describing via another comment.

Here are the videos we watched in class aobut personality adjectives.

First ,describing my family:

And now the interviews:


30 thoughts on “Describing People

  1. Jane & Cosy says:

    X is very good looking and young. X is tall and thin. X has short stright and blonde hair, and green eyes. X is intelligent and fine. X is wearing a black long dress.
    Who is X??

  2. Manuel, Gabriel and José says:

    He’s goold-looking and young.
    He’s tall and thin.

    He has short, curly, black hair and black eyes.

    He’s intelligent and serious.

    He’s wearing a black vest, black pants, black belt and a black hat.

  3. David says:

    He’s short and slim.
    He’s intelligent and fine.
    He’s got short, straight, grey hair and green eyes.
    Who is he?

  4. José Antonio Tebar Falcón says:

    He’s good-looking and old.
    He’s medium-height and slim.
    He is bald amd he has bleck eyes.
    He is intelligent and polite.
    He is wearing a black suit and a green skirt.

    Who is he?

    A clue “Licence to kill” …

  5. Carmen says:

    She’s good-looking and young, short and slim.
    She’s got short, wavy, blond hair and green eyes.

    She’s talkative and serious.

    She’s wearing a black T-shirt, red jacket suit, jeans and black belt.


  6. Adrian Y Rocio says:

    She is tall and puny.
    She had black hair and brown eyes. She’s very funny and intelligent.
    Her best friend is Belen.
    Who is she?

  7. dahiana and rocio says:

    he is good-looking and young.he is tall and thin.he has short,curly,black hair and black eyes.He is inteligent and serious.He is wearing a black vest,black pants,a black belt and a black hat.
    who is he??

  8. alejandro alvarez says:

    He is handsome and young
    He is medium height and medium built
    He is short, straigt, blond hair and green eyes
    He is serious and friendly

    Who is he?

  9. dahiana and rocio says:

    He is good-looking and young. He’s tall and thin.
    He has shot, curly, black hair and black eyes.
    He’s intelligent and serius.
    He wearing a black vest, black pants, a black velt and a black hat.
    Who is he?

  10. Laura Seller and María Barrera says:

    She’s goold-looking and young.
    She’s tall and thin.
    She has short, curly, brown hair and blue eyes.
    She’s intelligent and funny.
    She’s wearing a red t-shirt, a black jacket and a jeans.

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