Our Interests and Hobbies 2 ESO

So we can get to know each other much more here are the digital books created in class using the website Bookr.

Activity 1: Read all the books and send a comment about one of them. Make sure you don’t write his or her name.

You can use these expressions:

  • He / She likes reading , …
  • He / She enjoys chatting on the Internet.
  • His /  Her favourite animal is the …
  • He / She fancies listening to music.
  • He / She loves playing the piano.
  • His / Her hobbies are listening to music and playing tennis.

In class we will try to guess your classmates’ names.

  1. About Inma by Inma
  2. The Famous by Carlota Nieto Zalba
  3. What I like by Patricia Ternero 
  4. ABOUT SERGIO by Sergio Gallego Barco
  5. My hobbies by Ana
  6. My hobbies by Lidia
  7. About my hobbies by Anderson Rubio
  8. About me… by Julian 
  9. About Mireya by Mireya
  11. About Juan by Juan
  12. An animals by Tamara y Carlota
  13. My Hobbies by Sara
  14. The boy the Fantasy by Mikel
  15. About Alicia:)by Alicia Aguilares De La Torre,2ºA
  16. ME by ME
  17. Me, Myself & I by Angela Torrijos Espada
  18. My self by Paloma Ferrandez Fernandez

 Activity 2: Choose one bookr and recycle it, that is, correct the mistakes and send it back to me.


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