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Our Interests and Hobbies

on October 18, 2011

This week we will learn about hobbies and interests.

Activity 1: Read this presentation about ten celebrities’ hobbies created by Elena Yeahman.

Write the celebrities’ names and one of their hobbies in your notebook.


Activity 2: Now visit this interesting website about 100 celebrities and their hobbies. Choose ten famous people and make your own presentation using Openoffice Impress to talk about their hobbies. Include a photo of each person in each slide with the hobbies they like.

You can use these expressions:

  • He / She likes reading , …
  • He / She enjoys chatting on the Internet.
  • His / Her favourite animal is the …
  • He / She fancies listening to music.
  • He / She loves playing the piano.
  • His / Her hobbies are listening to music and playing tennis.

Make your presentation interactive, that is, add 5 activities to check your classmates’ attention, such as:

Who likes tattoos?

  1. Rihanna.
  2. Lady Gaga.
  3. Neyo.

Or write true or false and then correct the false statements:

  1. Rihanna likes football.  True or False?

Activity 3: What are your hobbies and interests? Add a comment to this post telling us about your hobbies. Include how often you practise these activities and why you like them too.

Activity 4: Class Hobbies Wall. We are going to create a wall with all our hobbies. Go to this website and click twice. Include a nickname, not your real name (remember… Internet safety!) and your hobbies. You can add a link to a video or an image too.

Our Interests and Hobbies

That’s all so far!


4 responses to “Our Interests and Hobbies

  1. My hobbies are playing with my cats every day (obviously) because they like it, but I also play computer games sometimes because I get fun with them, above all racing games.

  2. Miguel Á. Montoro Ramos says:

    My hobbies are taking the computer, the Holy Week brotherhoods, playing football, and I also love videogames.

  3. lore says:

    My hobbies are to film videos , play with my puppy, go shopping and stay online( social networks)

  4. Moi says:

    The hobbies are fun!!

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