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Inventors and Inventions

on December 1, 2011

With this project you will learn about the greatest inventions that have change our history and lives.

Activity 1:  In pairs you will create a presentation about ten important inventions. For each one of them include a slide with the following information:

  • Who invented it                      
  • When it was invented
  • What it is used for
  • Why it was invented

These are the 10 inventions you have to search on the Internet:

  1. One thing invented before the year 5 BC
  2. One thing invented by a woman
  3. An invention in the 21st century
  4. A Spanish invention
  5. A game or toy
  6. A sport
  7. A medicine related invention
  8. An everyday item that you have around your house
  9. A communication invention
  10. A transportation invention

Use the links below to find the information you need:

Website 1:

Website 2:

Website 3:

Don’t forget to check the spelling, include easy sentences that you can understand, choose high quality images and complete all the information about each invention.

Activity 2:  In a comment giive your opinion about the best invention ever. Why do you consider it the greatest invention?

Group project: Now in groups you will create a presentation or a video about your favourite gadgets or inventions. Each one will decribe an object and explain its advantages and uses. Take a look at this video about one of my favourite inventions: the BOOK. You can use the expressions that appear in the English subtitles for your video.


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