Christmas is coming!

It’s early December, and we know Christmas is coming because the first Christmas adverts have already appeared on TV.

Activity 1: Watch this sweet commercial. Write the story shown in the video. Use linking words: Then, after that, finally …

This commercial tells the story of …

Now answer these questions:

  1. Why was the boy so nervious?
  2. What was he really waiting for?
  3. What is being advertised?
  4. What is the slogan for this advert?
  5. Can you create another slogan for the same commercial?

Activity 2: If you liked the music of this video, here is the song with the lyrics. Find the relationship between the commercial and the song.

Activity 3: In the following video, you will see the items that can be bought at John Lewis, the UK’s favourite retailer, for the best in furniture, fashion, toys, homewares, electrical, and gifts. Find five of these products.

Activity 4: Here is the new Coke commercial for this Christmas time. What is the slogan for this year? Do you remember last year’s slogan?

Here is a new version of the song “Shake up Christmas” by Natasha Bedingfield:

Do you prefer this new version or the one we listened last year by the band Train?

Send a comment! What is your favourite Christmas TV commercial?


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