A School Trip to Europe

During this second term you will plan the end-of-the-year school trip for 4th ESO for a week in May next year. You will work in groups to plan a journey to an English or French speaking country in Europe, but all members will have different tasks.

Each group will plan a school trip to one of the following European countries: 

  1. England
  2. Scotland
  3. Wales
  4. Northern Ireland
  5. Ireland
  6. Malta
  7. France


Once you are given the country, your teacher will name a leader of the group. Working together in class, you will decide the following issues:

  1. The leader will create a shared presentation in Google Docs or a website using Google Sites to include all the information you will find out and the tasks completed by the group. The leader will send the members of the group this shared document. Leaders will also create a shared web photo album with images of your country using the free Google application Picasa, where each member will include pictures about their cities.
  2. Reasons why we should visit your country as an introduction for your presentation or website.
  3. Choose the cities you will visit. You will create a map using the application of Google Maps with the chosen itinerary.
  4. Choose the days for your school trip in May and design a calendar for a week marking the important dates, places and times for your trip. using Google Calendar.
  5. How to travel to each country.
  6. Include the cost of your trip.
  7. Tips and warnings for your journey.


Each member of the group will research about a city of your country and search information on the Internet about the following topics:

  1. Where to stay
  2. Where and what to eat
  3. Main tourist attractions
  4. Add up the price of your transportation you have decided upon, your food and lodging, and the prices of your main attractions.
  5. Weather and climate
  6. Time zones
  7. Units and measurements
  8. Money and currency
  9. Any other interesting additional information
  10. Include visuals, pictures and maps, and useful links to know more about your cities.

In class you will present your project in groups and individually. You will also be evaluated according to your individual and group work. So be responsible and complete your tasks. The best group project will be granted extra marks for all its members.


  1. First session: 9th January. First group meeting to decide the leader, the country and itinerary.
  2. Second session: 16th January. members of the group will work individually about each country.
  3. Third session: 23rd January. Second group meeting to create the calendar and evaluate your work in groups and individually.
  4. Fourth session: 30th January. Presentation in class.


You can visit the following useful websites to plan your journey around Europe:

Have a nice journey!


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