Inspired by music

This “super Friday” we will listen to a romantic song by David Guetta, clearly the star dance pop creator of the moment featuring Usher.

Activity 1: First pay attention to this lyrics video and write down the words you don’t understand.

Activity 2: Watch the video again with the Spanish translation and try to find the meaning of the words you didn’t know.

Activity 3: Complete the lyrics training activity with this song.

Activity 4: Inspired by this song, write a poem starting and ending with the line: “Without you”. Dedicate the poem to a friend, parents or simply someone you love. Write the poem in this shared presentation. You can follow the pattern or choose a different one. Don’t forget to make the last words rhyme in each line or use alliteration, which is the repetition of the first consonant sound a seies of words in each line.

Send a comment! What do you know about David Guetta and Usher? Do you like this song? Do you recommend any other songs by them?


3 thoughts on “Inspired by music

  1. Alba Aragón says:

    In my opinion, this song is beautiful the lyrics are very nice and has lots of rhythm. Normally, I like the songs from Usher and David Guetta.
    -Usher has sold over 45 million albums throughout his career, is also part of the group of owners of NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers and has his own record label called “U.S. Records”. Also Usher is the representative of the Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber.
    David Guetta (November 7, 1967, Paris) 2 3 is an electronic music DJ and French record producer specializing in house music.
    I recommended this song:

  2. Marta Segura 2ºB says:

    This song is very special for me because the lyrics show us how yo can’t live without love! I hope listen more songs like this in class.

  3. Maria Esther Anguera says:

    I like this song but I do think the poem because I have very little imagination and if I am hard to imagine in sapanish in engllish but … the song is very catchy and you put in is the rate head

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