Saving the World

To celebrate Peace Day, and make you think about all the violence and crimes in our streets, this week we have listened to the following song in class:
Watch and listen to this lyrics video and try to find the meaning of the words you don’t understand.

Now watch the officiall videoclip and find out who is going to save the world tonight.

Activity: Now fill in the blanks in the lyrics found in the website LyricsGaps.

Send a comment! What is your opinion about this song and videos? Do you know this band? Where are they from? How could you and I save the world? What are the main problems affecting our world nowadays?


2 thoughts on “Saving the World

  1. Maria Esther Anguera says:

    I liked the song is very nice but … the dogs, I sincerely do not know why they are there. It was a little strange

  2. Belén Hernández says:

    i love this song, i like this group too i listen to anothers songs and they are good. The video is awesome i love it because dogs are my favourite animal and i think that the idea of the dogs saving the world is a little bit strange but it is a smart idea

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