The art of storytelling

Today we are starting a new interesting project. We are reading and creating short stories using illustrations by artists around the world. The web application we are going to use can be found on the website

Activity 1: Read the following stories and learn about the typical expressions that are used in short stories.



Activity 3: Create your own short story between five and ten pages. Select one artist, feel the inspiration, choose the pictures and enjoy the art of storytelling. First sign up, create the pages and save your project. Finally, publish your digital book and don’t forget to invite me to read your short story.

Send a comment! Write an interesting summary of your story and insert the link to your Storybird creation.

I hope you enjoy this project!


47 thoughts on “The art of storytelling

  1. Hi Carmen, I see you and your students have a wonderful blog. I was finishing a post for my students in my blog about Storybird and then I remembered you told me yours had already used it so I had a look and…. it was nearly the same as yours here!!! I hope you don’t mind my adding some of your wonderful ideas!!!

  2. Isabel Acosta García says:

    Teacher here is my beautiful and wonderful story bird , the tittle of my story is “The girl’s dream”, it’s about a girl that has an incredible dream but at the end all had been real.

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