Our ideal house

In this new unit we will learn about the different rooms of the house, furniture and appliances.

Activity 1: Visit this haunted house and find the different rooms and objects. Write them in your notebook.

Activity 2: Visit this house and discover its rooms. Write the names of the rooms in your notebook.

Activity 3: Read the description of my ideal house. Copy the text in an openoffice document and underline the words that can be used to describe any house. Make a list with the words you don’t understand and translate them into Spanish.

My ideal house is located in a small village in the south of Italy. The house has four rooms with a well-furnished kitchen and modern bathroom facilities. The living-rooms are comfortable. The furniture has been chosen with great care. The walls have been painted with soft colours to match the curtains. Each room is fitted with a radio so that one can enjoy programs from the bed. The drawing room is elegantly furnished with sofas, chairs and a central table. The walls are lined with built-in cupboards, a library with a lot of books by master novelists. There is a niche for the television and the room can be used for viewing programs. All the rooms are airy and air-conditioned.

The kitchen is beautifully decotated. It is fitted with electric grills and things can be organised in specially designed cabinets. It is provided with modern gadgets for grinding, pulverizing or cutting.

In front of the house there is an artificial pool with a fountain spray. There are two fish tanks in the big porch to add the beauty of the place. There is a garage at the side of the house for my car. In the backyard there are a few fruit trees. In front of the house there is a garden with exotic plants. There is also a small playground for my children with a swing. I like this house because I am surrounded by beauty and peace.

Group Project: Every of us dreams of an ideal house waiting for him or her somewhere in the future. In groups you will describe the house of your dreams, showing pictures of the different bedrooms, interior decoration and exterior parts.

Leader’s tasks: Create a Googe Docs presentation and share it with all the members of the group and teacher. Write an introduction with a general description of the house, location (in a city or a village, seaside …), country, etc. Explain why you would like to live there. (80 words)

Our ideal house is located in …. The house has … bedrooms with … We love this house because we …, it is … , there is/ are … 

Individual tasks. Every member of the group, except the leader, will describe one or two rooms of your ideal house (80 words for only one room or 40 words for every room if you are going to describe two rooms). Use these expressions in activity 3.

The kitchen is fitted with … , there is / are …  

Final Presentation: Every member of the group will present his or her work, but you will not be allowed to read the information on your slide and you will have to know the meaning of every word you have used.

Send a comment! The leader of the send must send the link to your Google presentation in a comment with the general description of your ideal house. 


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