Super Friday with Manu

This super Friday we are going to learn a lot with our new teacher Manu

Activity 1: We will try to guess the movies from some letters.

Homework for next Monday!!!!!! Find out the title of the 37 films above in Spanish.

Activity 2: Let’s sing along! Listen to this song by Bruno Mars. Find a verb in present continuous and four examples of future tense in the song.

Now listen to this other version found in the Glee series.

Activity 3: Now it is time to practise your English with the song in Lyricstraining.

Activity 4: Here is one more lyrics video of a beautiful song by Jason Mraz, where you can find more examples of the future simple tense in negative.

Activity 5: Now fill in the blanks of the previous song in LyricsGaps.

Send a comment! Which song did you like the best? Do you know any other songs using the future simple? Did you like the first activity?

That’s all folks!


6 thoughts on “Super Friday with Manu

  1. belen hernandez says:

    the super friday of today was amazing i love it i think that we should to do more super fridays like this …i love guess the films

  2. Esther Anguera says:

    I think the same as Belen, I like it this super friday with Manu and guess the films but is a bit shameful that I only knew 4 movies of all other 🙂

  3. Estíbaliz says:

    I think that this super Friday, has been one of the funniest, and the songs I liked a lot, because I love Bruno Mars.
    We must repeat this super friday! 😛

  4. This Super Friday was very funny, although I only knew four or five films… However, I think we must do more activities like this, with letters of other things (brands, videogames…).

  5. lorena says:

    Hello. The names of the movies into Spanish are:1
    2-Shaun of the death( i found three titles in Spanish: Zombies party (una noche… de muerte)
    El desesperar de los muertos
    Muertos de risa)
    3-King Kong-King Kong
    4-West side story
    5-Casino Royale
    7-Gone with the wind- Lo que el viento se llevó
    8-Fight Club-El club de la lucha
    9-Back to the future- Regreso al futuro
    10-Sin city-ciudad del pecado
    11-Saturday night fever- Fiebre del sábado noche
    13-Clerks- Cajeros
    14-Moulin Rouge- Moulin Rouge
    19-Sweeney Todd- el barbero diabólico de la calle Fleet
    20-Scream- Scream
    21-Clockwork orange- La naranja mecánica
    22-vertigo- vertigo
    23-i robot- yo robot
    24-WALL.E- WALL.E
    26-Pulp Fiction- Pulp Fiction
    27-Speed Racer-Speed racer. la película
    28-101 dalmatians- 101 dálmatas
    29- ”m”- ”m”-
    30-Jurassic park- Parque jurásico
    31-The mummy- La momia
    32-Mrs- señor y señora Smith
    33-Pretty woman- PRETTY WOMAN
    34-Sex and the city- Sexo en Nueva York
    35-Chinatown- Chinatown
    36-Spiderman- Spiderman
    37-ShowGirls- Showgirls
    38- The Simpson’s Movie- Los Simpsons, La Película
    39-Gladiator- Gladiator
    40-Terminator- Terminator
    41-Titanic- Titanic
    42-There will be blood- Pozos de ambición
    43-Blade runner-Blade Runner
    44-Iron Man- Iron Man
    45-Schindler’s list-La lista de Schindler
    46-¿Where is my car?-¿ donde esta mi coche, tio?

    And i think last superfriday was on of the best. with manu:)

    Activity 2- in the song. Marry you. The verb in past continuous is DANCING-

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