Past Simple vs Past Continuous

In this new post we will learn how to use two past tenses: past simple and past continuous.

Activity 1: Read this interactive explanation about the use of pat simple and past continuous. In an openoffice document write a grammar summary with the different uses of both verb tenses and include examples. Then, complete the activity on-line.

Activity 2: If you still don’t know the uses of the past continuous, pay attention to this other grammar explanation in Spanish. Translate the sentences in the section Ejercicios into English.

Activity 3: Now complete the following dictation on-line. Translate the sentences into Spanish in an openoffice document.

Activity 4: Read this short story and answer the final question.

Send a comment! We are going to create a crazy story all together. Read the first sentence and follow up the story.

Yesterday, I was going to school when I …


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