Fables: animal tales with a moral

In this term, everybody at our school will work on fables in the different languages and subjects.

Activity 1: Firstly, read this presentation to learn more about fables:


For a higher level, view this other presentation:
Activity 2: Now we will read one of Aesop’s fables every day.

Here is the first volume:

Here is the second volume:

Activity 3: Now Learn how to write a fable with this presentation:

How to-write-a-fable-

Activity 4: Finally, here is an interesting webquest about fables:

Send a comment! Now it is your turn to participate more actively, send a comment to this post suggesting different activities to work on this integrated project.You can suggest multimedia projects (websites, wikis, digital books, videos, google presentations, recordings), creation of board games, jigsaws, flashcards, short plays, short stories with illustrations, or, short stories using the Internet tools (storybird, story creator, bookr, etc), trivia contests, art contest, reading campaign and advertisement, etc…

Which type of projects would you like to participate in? Send your suggestions before next Tuesday 24th May.

Helpful Tip! Don’t forget the expressions for making suggestions: Why don’t we … ? Let’s …!  We could …  How about +verb+ING?    It would be a good idea to …


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