Let’s create a lyrics video all together!

For the end of the year, we are planning to create a lyrics video. Every student will write a sentence in different places and formats, and we will all collaborate to create a super video together. This time we are not appearing in the video, only the sentences of the lyrics written on different places of our school: notebooks, computers, noticeboards, posters, blackboards, digital whiteboards, etc.

I suggest using some of these songs by Jason Mraz, which appear in his new album “A Four Letter Word”. You could make something similar, but in the school context. What do you think?

First video: This is my favourite song. It has a beautiful lyrics with meaning and good music too. Besides, freedom is so necessary.

Second video: Another song full of meaning and about the positive things in life. The refrain is really funny: la la la la …

Third video: Another original lyrics video so you can take some ideas for our future work of art.

Fourth video: This is the first video shown on youtube, a really beautiful song. Too romantic for an end-of-the-year lyrics video.

Send a comment! If you think you have the perfect song, send us a comment with the link to the lyrics video. Include the reasons why you think yours is the perfect song. Try to convince us all!


5 thoughts on “Let’s create a lyrics video all together!

  1. belen hernandez says:

    I think that is the perfect song because it’s about the summer and i love it the song and the lyrics.

    Hope you like it

  2. Pedro says:

    teacher, we can vote all the songs that we said in the class and we can found a song that all the class like!!
    We can use for ex. the song of black eyed peas “one tribe” !!

  3. Aarón Fdez says:

    Teacher, I prifer this songs:

    -Dj Earworm-Like, OMG Baby:

    -DJ Earworm – Blame It On The Pop:

    -FloRida – Right Round:

    -Jason Derulo – Whatcha Say:

    -Iyaz – Replay:

    -FloRida – Club Can’t Handle Me ft. David Guetta:

    -Usher feat. Pitbull – DJ Got Us Falling In Love:

    -Pitbull ft. Neyo, Nayer & Afrojack – Give Me Everything:

    -Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull – On The Floor:

    -FloRida – Low:

    -The Time – Black Eyed Peas:

    -Coldplay – Viva La Vida:

    And I finish 🙂

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