More about the Present Perfect …

This “super Friday” we will  revise the present perfect, since it is a verb tense very used in English and it is not used in the same way as in Spanish.

Activity 1: Listen to this explanation on Youtube. Fill in the blanks. At the end of the video check the answers.

listen to some songs to revise the present perfect we have been studying for the last exam.

Activity 2: In the next video we will see the difference between the past simple and the present perfect. Write down the adverbs used for each tense. Then fill in the blanks and chech the answers.

Activity 3: Now it is time for music. Listen to my favourite song using the Present Perfect, “I haven’t met you yet” by Michael Bublé.

Send a comment! Do you know any other songs where the present perfect is used? Send us a comment with the link and write the sentences that appear in the song in this tense.

4 thoughts on “More about the Present Perfect …

  1. M.Mar Casillas says:

    I find three songs.
    The first is by Bryan Adams and the tittle is “Have you ever really loved a woman?”
    Is very romantic jeje 🙂
    This is the link:

    The second is “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for” by U2
    In the lyrics appear the present perfect simple. This song is very famous, maybe you listened before. This is the link:

    And the last but not least important, one of my favourites songs …
    “The winner takes it all” by ABBA: The lyrics have many sentiments.
    This is the link:

    Kisses and nice weekend. I will be in La Coruña 😀 jeje

  2. Lorena Salinas Macarro says:

    Hello teacher, i leave you somes songs with present perfect:
    The first song is ”Have your ever seen the rain” by Ro Stewart,
    The sentences in present perfect are: i WANNA KNOW, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN

    Another song is ”Where have you been ” by Rihanna.
    The sentences in present perfect are:
    -Where have you been
    -i’ve been everywhere

  3. belen hernandez says:

    this is one of my favourite songs and it has present perfect hope you like it

    then i found this song that is of the musical called hairspray

    and at last i found this song of the band N Sync

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