Form and uses of the Present Perfect

In this unit we will learn how to form and use the present perfect tense in English.

Activity 1: Listen to the explanation about the present perfect and write down the three different uses with an example.

Activity 2: Listen to this interactive explanation about the form of the present perfect and complete the tasks on-line.

Activity 3: Complete this activity about the difference between the simple past and the present perfect tenses.

Activity 4: Now match these sentences.

Activity 5: Now complete with the correct participle BEEN (you have already come back) or GONE (you have gone but have not come back yet).

Activity 6: Complete with HAS or HAVE.

Activity 7: Put the words in order.

Activiy 8: Now complete with the adverbs SINCE (a point in time) or FOR (a period of time).

Activity 9: Now complete with the correct adverbial: FOR, SINCE, ALREADY, YET, EVER, STILL, AGO.

Activity 10: Finally practise the past simple and past participles of irregular verbs with this interesting on-line application.

Don’t forget to send a comment telling us your opinion about these activities!


8 thoughts on “Form and uses of the Present Perfect

  1. Paola Fernandez says:

    these activities… well are boring (a little teacher, only a little (:) But teacher there’re many activities, for our house yes, but for an hour. :S

  2. José Antonio Cárdenas Orta says:

    These activities are very useful, but we have learnt this topic (Present Perfect) a lot of times.

  3. Alba Aragón says:

    In my opinion is a good way to practise for the test of a fun way, because the activities in the test can be similar and……. is better than study only with the book!! 😛

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