Back to School Time … Are you Ready?

Welcome back to school, and for those of you who are new to IES Albert Einstein, welcome to our Bilingual Blog where you’ll find interactive activities to learn, create and communicate in English using the new technologies.

Hopefully 2012/2013 will be a great year for you and you will all have excellent results at school working together; remember as Albert Einstein said “The important thing is not to stop questioning”, so may this year be full of questions, answers and positive experiences!

Have a fantastic year at IES Albert Einstein!

All we need is your attention, interest, creativity and imagination! Let´s start working!

Activity 1: It is school time again! You’re probably feeling excited and maybe a little sad that summer is over. Some students feel nervous or a little scared on the first day of school because of all the new things: new teachers, new friends, and maybe even a new school. Luckily, these “new” worries are only around for the first days.

Send a comment! Share with us your BACK TO SCHOOL mood, feelings, wishes, complaints or tips to save money, be successful in class or make new friends. Include your name and class.

Activity 2: Here are some fun stuff to make the transition easier. Read them carefully.



6 thoughts on “Back to School Time … Are you Ready?

  1. Sara Caballero says:

    Hi teacher, I have really wanted to start because I see my friends but I’m sure in a few months back I will want to be vacation.

  2. José Antonio Cárdenas Orta says:

    Hello teacher, I don’t have still wanted to back to school because I have fun in holidays but 15th September we will start the fourth year and I will try to be happy.

  3. Francisco Borrego says:

    Hi teacher, i am not nervous, i am sad because i won´t can´t sleep 12 hours, i would like have better notes, we can save buy notebooks cheap, and buy old books of the other students.I´m going to divide the time. And now, I have a new pc. I haven´t have problems with the work. See you the next week.

  4. Marta S. says:

    Hi! I’m Marta S. I’m 12 years old and I’m in the class 1ºB. I love this page is very funny. The teacher Carmen is the best English teacher in the world. 🙂 Tomorrow I have a exam of Social Science and this pege helped me. Bye! See you.

  5. Eva Arrebola says:

    Hello teacher. I’m Eva Arrebola of 1ºB. I love the videos and the blog. You know you’re my favorite teacher? goodbye.

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