Your attitude is the only thing you can control!

A new school year is here! In the English class we will evaluate your attitude, interest and motivation, apart from other interesting stuff such as your competences shown in oral and written exams, tasks and projects.

Here are some important instructions you all must follow in order to improve your English and learn more in class and consequently get better marks.

This year we’ll pay special attention to the USE OF ENGLISH AT SCHOOL

Here is a list of the most useful words and expressions for the classroom: CLASSROOM ENGLISH


Send a comment! Can you think of any other rules for our English class?

9 thoughts on “Your attitude is the only thing you can control!

  1. Amalia:) says:

    Hi teacher! Your class is my favorite! my name is Amalia de 1ºA . My norm is: You have to make an appointment to speak 🙂 KISSES CARMEN!

  2. kelly a.s says:

    Hello, I am Miss Kelly 1st to I was not aware of what he had to do forgiveness. rule is: you’re the best Translates sometimes that teacher as cool I love her class tar’m always waiting for take English classes
    a kiss and a hug from kelly
    for the most fun teacher institute
    carmen nicked!!!

  3. Marta S :) says:

    The teacher Carmen is very funny and is the best teacher in the word. Say “yeahhhhhhh” Who are whit me 🙂 Goodbye. Kiss of: Marta Soria 🙂

  4. marta says:

    hello favourite teacher i´am marta de 1A.Your classes are the bet i would like to tell you that your classes are the crazy and I hope that these kinds of crazy continue like this.See you tomorrow.
    I love favorite teacher! :p

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