Cardinal and ordinal numbers

Activity 1: Let’s see the difference between cardinals and ordinal numbers.












Activity 2: More about ordinal numbers.

Activity 3: Ordinal numbers in a race.











Activity 4: Now practise with the spelling of ordinal numbers.









Activity 5: Finally a song to practise the ordinal numbers.

Send a comment! Which is your favourite activity?


11 thoughts on “Cardinal and ordinal numbers

  1. carmen herrera moreno says:

    hello teacher i like your videos and songs is very very funny and the student is very very easy thank you

    bey bey teacher ¡¡¡ :);) XD

  2. BEATRIZ says:

    Professor favorite hello I love all the songs of the blog, the videos … but what I like is what Haloween;)
    the teacher and I love to be cool with it
    ole, ole …

  3. Nerea Mesurado says:

    hello. I’m Nerea de 1ª. You are my favourite teacher.I’m very, very happy whit my 10 in the exam. Goodbye my favourite teacher.

  4. marta says:

    hello favorite teacher, I wanted to ask you if you can do all the exercises that are in the blog?. Oh by the way I’m marten of 1A.
    Favorite teacher kisses goodbye, see you Monday; D

  5. KELLY says:

    hi am kelly professor wanted to say that I am not sadisfecha with my role in the theater of halloween. by the phrase I
    like. I prefer the spiders I have a witch disflas with sake and hits me more and also I want to go out with irene
    and angela.
    a big kiss
    I expect a rapid and accepted
    kelly alban SACON 1 º A

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