Our new school magazine!!!

This year we will design and create our own magazine on-line and in print.

Activity 1: Take a look at an example of a magazine for young people just like you. In your notebook, write down a list of all the sections included.

Here are more past issues of this magazine for teens: Past issues of Teen Ink

Activity 2: Now it is time to create and design our own school magazine. Send me a comment to this post with suggestions for an original name for the magazine and the sections you would like to include. Add which role you would like to have in the magazine after reading the following file: Major roles in a magazine.

Include also which kind of topics you would like to write about.

So you get inspired about the title, sections and types of articles for our magazine, here is the link to other magazines for young people: Teen Magazines

Activity 3: Here is a copy of the first issue of our Interesteen magazine, which was released a year ago. Do you think we can improve it? I think so! Send a comment telling us your opinion about this project, your favourite article, etc.

That’s all so far. I hope you enjoy this project!

Our first article!!!! Here is our first article for our new magazine. Rocío Torrado was the first student to send us this awesome article about hip-hop.


16 thoughts on “Our new school magazine!!!

  1. David & Elena says:

    E: I think a good title could be “Interesteen-Stuff”
    D: I think that the title “La caló” is perfect.
    The sections could be: music and movies, sports, fashion, jokes and comics and hot news.

  2. Rociio Heartbeat says:

    Paola Fernandez and Rocio Fernandez:
    our ideas are:
    – Title: We think that “Interes teen” Is a good title so we can leave like that.
    – Rocio: I’m a voluntary to be a model, and writer of articles.
    – Paola : I’m a voluntary to be a model , a photographer , the designer of the title page of the magazine and writer of articles.
    If it’s posible.

  3. Hello teacher, we are Alonso Hidalgo and Antonio Carmona.

    The title of the magazine we think that Alberteen Einstein.

    We want write an article about The sport in the life, the festivals of Seville and an article of “Jóvenes Costaleros de Pino Montano” that is a “Asociación Juvenil” of the I.E.S. Félix Rodriguez de la fuente, in Pino Montano, about the Holly Week and the `Cruces de Mayo´

  4. Isan says:

    Hello teacher, we are Isa and Rocío and we want to make a review of music and books. It’s that fine? See you later. 😀

  5. Antonio Ligero says:

    Hello teacher, we are David Fernández and Antonio Ligero.
    We want write about sports. The tittle that we propose for the magazine is ” right of television in football”.

  6. Carmen Fernández Ramírez says:

    Hi teacher! I’m Carmen Fdez. I think the magazine’s title is very good so I don’t want to change it. I’d like to help with the Fiction section and, maybe, with the Environment too. On the other hand, in my opinion an Horror Stories section could be interesting. 🙂

  7. Daniel García Cruces says:

    Hi! I’m Daniel García Cruces and my title for the magazine is Amazing Magazine , and the seccions that I’d like to do are ”videogames” or maybe ”movies an TV reviews”.

  8. Eva, Alba says:

    Hello, we are Eva Cristina Gomes Barbosa and Alba Béjar.
    What That Fabulous!
    the discos light, sections about the latest films, books and songs;

  9. Bobi and Manu says:

    Hello, We’re Pip and negraco, that’s a joke We’re Manu Loza and Bobi Ribera. In our opinion a good title could be Beyoung-zine. The subjects could be the usually, for example sports, fashion, videogames, science, enviroment, etc but maybe we could put a part of games or something like that. I (Manuel) want to be a normal writer and I would like to write something about sports more concret about Triathlon and my friend Bobi wants the same and He would like to write about marcial arts. That’s all.

  10. Cárdenas and Manuel Martín says:

    Hello, we are Manuel Martín and José Antonio Cárdenas.

    Our possible title is ” It happens, you are reading it”.

    We suggest these sections: fashion, sport, science, society, curiosities section and puzzles (pasatiempos).

    Manuel Martín wants to participate in curiosities section, and José Antonio Cárdenas wants to participate in science section.

    Manuel and Cárdenas will only write an article each one.

  11. Celia y María says:

    Hello, we’re María and Celia. The tittle can be ”teenagers thinks” .Possibles sections: music, animals, sports, curiosities, films, fashion and celebrities.Celia want to write about MUSIC, animals or curiosities and María want to write about sports. María want to work to a model and Celia want to work to a photographer.

  12. Tebar & Alejandro Rodriguez says:

    The title is OK, even though we think we could add some kind of “subtitle” like “From teenagers, to teenagers…”

    Some sections maybe: Videogames reviews, “Did you know…?”, Health, Internet safety, Google and internet curiosities, Politics…

    We don’t mind helping with the informatic part of the magazine.

  13. Carmen says:

    Hi, teacher!! I’d like to be a model, photographer and writer…
    So, I’ll write some articles ’cause I have many ideas! I’m thinking to write one article about Halloween (I love halloween), maybe de origin of the gothic style and one more about Hip-hop and things like that.

    Hope you like it and see you next day!

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