Part of Katy Perry

This super Tuesday we will get to know the famous singer Katy Perry a bit better. First, of all we will listen to her latest song: “Wide Awake”, a biography of her musci career, and after that we will pay attention to a Youtube interview asking interesting questions about herself.

Activity 1:  Now listen to this interview with Katy Perrry. Pay attention to all the details about her life and interests. Write a question you would like to ask her. Don’t forget to play the subtitles!

Here is another interesting interview to Lady Gaga. Don’t forget to play the subtitles in English!

Activity 2: Watch the video of Katy Perry’s new song and try to get as much information as possible.

To know more about Katy Perry, visit her official website:

Activity 3:  In pairs, post a sticky note in the following wallwisher inserting the link to a Youtube interview with a celebrity you like in English. Use a nickname. Include at least three questions about your interview.

This is the wallwisher for 1st Bachillerato students:

This is the wallwisher for 4th ESO students:

Activity 4: When you have all uploaded the videos and questions in the wallwisher website, choose ten interviews and for homework find out the answers to all the questions posted. You can try to guess the real names of the students who posted the sticky notes according to their interests too!

Deadline to send all the correct answer to your English teacher: 15th October!

Send a comment! What is your favourite interview, apart from yours, of course?


2 thoughts on “Part of Katy Perry

  1. Rociio Heartbeat says:

    Rocio Fernández AND Paola Fernández :

    -She’s from Santa Barbara, California.
    -Because she was poor.


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