Unit 1: Describing people

In this post we will learn to describe people’s personality and physical appearance.

Activity 1: Listen to the descriptions of these teachers.

Activity 2: Learn some personality adjectives with the following activities.

Activity 3: Now learn some vocabulary about clothes and accesories and practise with the activities.

Activity 4: Now let’s play a game to describe the physical appearance of different characters.

Activity 5: What is your favourite colour? Let’s find out about your personality. Do you agree with the information on this website? Make a list with all the personality adjectives.

Activity 6: Now search the personality adjectives in this word puzzle.

Activity 7: In this presentation you will learn more about personality adjectives and adverbs of manner.

Writing task for homework: In a Google docs or drive file, write a description like the examples in activity 7 about your friends, classmates or family in 150 words. You can talk about their personality and interests.

Don’t forget to use connectors to express contrast and check the spelling too!


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