What time is it there?

In this post we will learn the names of the continents and oceans and we will also revise the time in English and the different time zones around the globe.

Activity 1: Learn the names of the continents and oceans.

Activity 2: Now click on the correct continents or oceans.

Activity 3: Let’s revise how to tell the time with this virtual clock.

Activity 4: Now, we will see the different times all around the globe.

Activity 5: Finally, we will revise map skills.

Activity 6: Here is one more activity to practise with grid lines.

Send a comment! Which is your favourite activity? Which is your favourite continent and country to live in? Why? Which continents have you visited? Have you sailed through any oceans? Have you flown over any oceans?


6 thoughts on “What time is it there?

  1. carmen herrera moreno says:

    Hello teacher ¡ you games is very funny and very interesting. you are the best teacher see you tomorrow kisses teacher ¡ 🙂 😉

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