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1. Describing people, animals and places

on October 15, 2012

In this post we will work with different websites to learn how to describe people, animals and places.

Activity 1: Learn the vocabulary and structures to describe your face and hair.

Activity 2: Let’s make a face now.

Activity 3: Which hair is it?

Activity 4: Let’s play a game describing faces.

Activity 5: Which fruit is it?

Activity 6: Now draw a picture. 

Activity 7: Writing riddles. What am I?

Activity 8: Visit this website to describe landforms.
Activity 9: Now let’s go to this interactive website to describe weather
Activity 10: Here is a website to learn how to describe instruments.

Send a comment! Which is your favourite activity?


One response to “1. Describing people, animals and places

  1. angela orta says:

    Hello, ticher! I´m complete the activity 1.my positive! I am Ángela Orta de 1ºA.

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