History of the English Language

In this post we will learn where does the English we speak today come from visiting the following interactive timeline:

Activity 1: Pay attention to the timeline of the English language and order the terms above. Include the date for each event too.

  1. Invading words
  2. Vikings
  3. Anglo-Saxons
  4. Normans
  5. Middle English
  6. Romans
  7. Printing Press
  8. Modern English
  9. English Bible
  10. Shakespeare
  11. Celts

Activity 2: Now watch the video about the history of English. Write the titles and subtitles of the different chapters.

Activity 3: Now learn about the Caterbury Tales, a poem written in Middle English by Geoffrey Chaucer at the end of the 14th century, which you will read in Spanish. Who tell the different stories and what about? Can you find any words written in Middle English?

Send a comment! Send the link to a video of one of the Canterbury Tales that you can find on the Internet.


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