Exploring Victorian Britain

In this post we will learn about British history and explore Victorian Britain and some of the famous characters of that time.

Activity  1: Play this interactive timeline to know about British history. Answer these two questions:

  1. When did the Victorian period take place in British history?
  2. Write down five important events that took place in that period.

Acftivity 2: In this activity you can explore another timeline of Victorian Britain. Then, go to the Time Capsule game. What were the names of the children who buried the red, green and blue time capsules? 

Activity 3: Let’s have a look at a Victorian house. Find out five objects that you could find in a Victorian house.

Activity 4: Now let’s listen to the stories of different characters living in Victorian Britain. Some of them had to emigrate searching for a better life to America. Answer these questions:

  1. What were the main reasons why these people had to leave their country?
  2. Where did they emigrate?

Activity 5: Moving goods around England in 1850 could be a slow and risky business by train, wagon or boat. Play the game to see if you would have been up to the job. What were the main risks they had to face during the journey by train, wagon or boat? 

Activity 6: Learn about the English writer Charles Dickens and find out what made him angry. Then, play the game “What the Dickens?” , complete the threee challenges and awswer these questions:

  1. How old was Charles Dickens when he wrote Oliver Twist?
  2. Who did he meet at the blacking warehouse? In which novel does his name appear?
  3. Who was forced to leave school and work in a factory, apart from Charles Dickens?

Activity 7: Listen to the biography of Charles Dickens and find the answer to these questions above to write a biography of 150 words about Charles Dickens for your Google Drive document in the first or third person singular.

  1. Where did he start working at the age of twelve?
  2. What were the rumors about him?
  3. What city of the USA did he visit?
  4. What was he writing when he had a terrible accident?
  5. Where is he buried?

Activity 8: Finally, learn about the famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Find out why he was so famous. What did he build? Play the game “Who wants to be an engineer?”. Complete the three challenges. What were three fun facts about Brunel?

IMPORTANT!!! Send the answers to all these questions to your English teacher by email. Download and complete the following document: EXPLORING VICTORIAN BRITAIN

Send a comment! Which is your favourite activity? Do you know any other famous characters who lived in the Victorian Britain?


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