More about biographies

In this post we will continue working on biographies of people who made a difference.

Activity 1: Create a note on a Stixty board created by your English teacher explaining the reason why the famous person you wrote about made a difference in the world. Include an image and a quote. You can also include the link to a website with more information about your character. Follow the examples posted by your English teacher and Rocío and Paula.

Activity 2: After listening to the biography of Charles Dickens on the Stixty board, find the answers to these questions.

  1. Where did he start working at the age of twelve?
  2. What were the rumours about him?
  3. What city of the USA did he visit?
  4. What was he writing when he had a terrible accident?
  5. Where is he buried?

Homework for next Monday 19th November: In class, next Monday you will have to present your character explaining why you think this person made a difference in the world, giving some details about his or her biography and and reading the quote. You are allowed to have only a post-it note and the help of the Stixty board where you posted your note.

Send a comment! What do you think about the Internet tool of Stixty? Would you use it with your group of friends? What kind of widgets would you like to share?


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