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Healthy meals and habits

on December 6, 2012


With this post we will read and listen to two short stories about the different meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and habits to stay healthy.

Activity 1: Read and listen to this story about different types of breakfast. Then listen again and write about Jack’s breakfast, Ann’s breakfast, Sumi’s breakfast, Tom’s breakfast, Jane’s breakfast, and finally about a baby’s breakfast and a dog’s breakfast. What do you usually have for breakfast?


Activity 2: Now listen to this story about healthy habits. Write five ways to stay healthy. How do you stay healthy?


Activity 3: Finally, learn about the different meals of the day and drag the foods and drinks in the correct food group.


Click on this link: MEALS OF THE DAY AND HEALTHY HABITS to download the worksheet to complete your activities.


2 responses to “Healthy meals and habits

  1. María la mas mehon!! says:

    hi teacher!!!
    I’m María Godinez and i think that you are very “marchosa” with the lyrics on one direction , Adele,Rihanna… jajajajajajajajaja
    (I want my positive) xD

  2. maria lovetequiero says:

    hello teacher is my favorite is the activities

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