Healthy attitudes

In this lesson we will learn about healthy attitudes. Visit the following website, THINK, whose mission is to bring information about health and fitness to teens.


Activity 1: Read the information on the website and in pairs, write five tips to stay healthy for each of the five different sections:

  • Nutrition: diet vs lifestyle, eating disorders, the food pyramid, vitamins and minerals
  • Hygiene: dental health, braces, acne
  • The Mind: Stress and time management, depression, anger and violence, coping with divorce
  • Additions: tobacco, alcohol and drugs
  • Sports: which sport for you?, training,  too much of a good thing

Insert your tips in a comment to this post.

Activity 2: Now individually, write a health article (180-200 words) about one of the ideas suggested in the website BodyMojo. Deadline: 21 January

Food & Nutrition 

  • Why Teenagers Should Care About Obesity
  • It’s Easy to Make Health Foods Taste Good
  • Getting Your Family To Eat Better
  • What it Means to be Vegetarian (or Vegan)
  • Healthy Snacking
  • Schools Banning Soda/Vending Machines: A Teen Perspective
  • Are “Health Foods” Really Good For You?
  • Do Diets Work and Should Teenagers Go on Them?
  • What You Need to Know About Weight Gain During Adolescence
  • Type II Diabetes Increasing in Teens
  • Living with Food Allergies: What My Friends Need to Know
  • Make Cooking Fun

Exercise & Fitness

  • Get Up and Move: Why it’s Important to Be Active
  • A Paradox? Teen Sports Getting More Competitive but More Teens are Becoming Fat
  • Common Sport Injuries and What Experts Say To Do
  • When Neighborhoods Are Unsafe to Play In: Ways to Be Physically Active
  • Staying Hydrated: The Benefits of Water
  • Benefits of Physical Activity
  • Why Exercising is a Great Way to De-Stress
  • Not an Athlete, Skateboarder or Dancer: Other Ways to be Active

Body Image, Self-Care, and Self-Confidence

  • What is Body Image?
  • 10 Ways to Feel Good About Yourself
  • Body Shape: The Role of Heredity and Healthy Lifestyle
  • Body Odor: How to Tell a Friend
  • The Ads May Be Slick But Down Deep They Make Me Sick (Learning to Be a Media Critic)
  • When New Fashions Don’t Wear Well (How to Choose Clothes That Suit Your Body Type)
  • Signs of an Eating Problem
  • How Relaxation Training or Mediation Can Reduce Stress
  • How to Challenge Negative Thinking About Yourself, Your Body and Your Life

Mood and Behavior

  • Food as a Drug: How to Break the Habit
  • Why Binges can Backfire
  • Curing My Inner Chocoholic
  • Breakfast of Champions Starts the Day Right
  • Caffeine Drinks: Wha’t the Buzz?
  • Depressed? There Are More Things To Do Besides Eat

Send a comment! Include your article in a comment to this post with your name.


19 thoughts on “Healthy attitudes

  1. Gabriel González González y Antonio José Palacios Rodríguez says:

    # Nutrition: Eat fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat meat more than 2 times per week.
    # Hygiene: You have to wash your teeth 4 times per day everyday.
    # The Mind: Avoid to have stress. Don’t worry about the past problems. Live the present. Relax.
    # Additions: Some people like to smoke weed everyday. But it is bad for our health. So don’t smoke.
    # Sports: Make exersise everyday. You can sign in a sport team or in a gym.

  2. Eva Pavón and Esther González 1ºA says:

    -Nutrition: it exist a food pyramid, in her based we can found the aliments that we should eat frequently and at her top we will found the aliments that we shouldn’t eat all the days. If we follow this pyramid, we will get a good nutrition.

    -Hygiene: if we brush our teeth after each meal, have a shower once a day, use anti-acne cream and wash our hands before eating, we could get a good personal hygiene.

    -The Mind: if we were more positive and optimistic, have things on time and don’t give importance to simple things, we will have a health mind.

    -Additions: nothing in excess is good, but much less the alcohol or other drugs. To lead a healthy and pleasant life, our only drug must be love.

    -Sports: to be in good shape you need to practice sport in a regularly form, ”mens sana in corpore sano”.

  3. Rociio Heartbeat & Paola Fdez :) says:

    Activity 1:
    * Nutrition:
    1) Eat all kind of food.
    2)Don’t eat too much of one kind of food.
    3) Don’t be exessive about sweets
    4)Have a good diet.
    5)Eat fruits (because it’s has vitamins)

    * Hygiene:
    1) Clean your thoots
    2)Have a shower once a day.
    3)Clean your face. (acne)
    4) if you have the thoots not in their place , put braces on it.
    5)Clean your hands before eat.

    * The Mind:
    1)don’t have stress.
    2) have a time management.
    3) don’t have depression.
    4)don’t worry.
    5)be happy.

    * Additions:
    Don’t have additions like
    4)don’t sleep

    * Sports: Ranking of the most healthy sports:

  4. Isabel Mª Carmona Rodríguez and Rocío García Garzón (1ºB & 1ºA) says:


    1. Eat properly.
    2. Eat vegetables.
    3. Eat healthy food.
    4. Eat 5 pieces of fruit.
    5. Drink water.


    1. Have a shower everyday.
    2. Brush your teeth after eating.
    3. Wash your hands before you eat.
    4. Clean your face every morning.
    5. If you have lences before you put it out wash your hands and then clean your lences.

    The mind:

    1. Don’t study in the late hours of the day.
    2. Relax every two hours.
    3. Dont’ watch TV so many hours a time.
    4. If you feel sad or depressed, try thinking about something else for a while, until you can safely think about what you are depressed about and how to overcome the difficulty you’re having.
    5. Play games like “Brain training”


    1.Take care with the things that your friends try you to taste.
    2. Manage the time you spend in your computer.
    3.Find alternatives to the things that you do while you smoke.
    4.Think about how much money it costs you your addiction.
    5.Drink a lot of water and other fluids. This helps keep you healthy and flushes the yucky chemicals out of your body.


    1.Go to run everyday.
    2.Do exercise 3 days a week.
    3.Do the warm up before everytime you exercise yourself.
    4.Wear clothing for fitness,
    5.Dont’ force physicals exercises.

  5. Alejandro and Tebar

    -Eat three solid meals a day.
    -Don’t skip breakfast!
    -keep away from fatty foods.
    -Use self-restraint when eating sweets
    -Eat treats only when saved for dessert

    -Brush your teeth
    -Floss your teeth
    -brush your toungue
    -Have a shower everyday
    -Don’t jump on puddles

    The Mind
    .-schedule your time to include a few recreational activities
    -If you feel sad or depressed, try thinking about something else for a while
    take all suicide threats seriously,
    -If you suspect anyone may act violently towards you, your friends, or even your enemies, alert a teacher or any responsible adult
    -keep yourself from being used by one parents to manipulate, hurt or find information about the other parent
    -ask your parents to follow a “bill of rights” for yourself and your siblings.For example:
    Don’t “grill” us on what happens at the ex’s home.
    Do not turn us into messengers and ways to communicate with the ex.
    Do not insult the other parent around us; we still love them.

    -Don’t smoke
    -Don’t drink alcohol
    -Don’t snort cocaine
    -Don’t smoke marijuana
    -If you are having problems with alcohol or drugs, contact your doctor immediatly

    -Do exercise regularly
    -Don’t do too much exercise
    -Rest after every session
    -Be sportive
    -Don’t rage, it’s just a game

  6. Bobi and Manu says:

    – Nutrition:

    – Drink a minimus of 2.5 litres of water every day.
    – Eat three pieces of fruit per day.
    – Eat a big variety of food (legums, pasta, vegetables, meat, etc).
    – Eat the enough quantity of food in every meal (2500 cal).
    – Drink as much milk as possible.

    – Hygiene:

    – In summer have a shower every day and in winter a have a shower every two days (minimun).
    – Brush the theeth after every meal.
    – Wash your hands before eat.
    – Use usually deodorant.
    – Use gel for the body and champo for the hair.

    – The mind:

    – Talk your problems with someone, for example a friend, your family or with a psychologist.
    – Practiese a hobby or a sport that you like in your free time.
    – Continue…

  7. Elena and Rocío Torrado. says:


    Don’t go on a diet, (because they don’t work) eat a bit of everything.
    Don’t try to be ‘supermodels’, they are not pretty.
    You sould eat more vegetables and fruit a day, don’t abuse on meat, eggs or milk, and try to avoid sweets.
    It’s important the vitamins in the food you eat, for example, two of the most common ones are A and D found in butter and eggs.
    About the minerals, the most important is calcium, which helps your bones to be strong. Calcium is found in milk for example.


    You should keep your face clean.
    You should wash your face with soap and water three times a day.
    You should moistourize your face to prevent it from getting dry.
    You shoul’d eat grassy foods.
    Wash your theeth toroughly after each meal and then use mouthwash to keep it fresh and clean.

    The mind:

    Take a break, and take it easy, watch a movie, take a bath, take a nap, go out and run, hang out with friends… you should do theese things if you suffer from stress.
    You shloud ask your family for help, you should think there’s always a way out.
    Count to ten, breathe, relax and let it be, nothing lasts forever.
    Think of the people you will be shout at, use your empathy.
    Don’t ask your parner about your ex.


    If you smoke you should think you could die younger than other people.
    If you don’t smoke, don’t even try it, keep on healthy.
    You can drink as long as you don’t abuse and become alcohol dependent.
    Instead of ordering a drink, order a coffee or a fizzy drink.
    If you go to a party, don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know. Keep your drink covered with your hand.


    One sport that can prevent from stress is dancing: you hang out with your friends and have a good time while exercising.
    Don’t be a couch potato. MOVE!
    Be careful: work out before a hard training and rest after those exercises.
    You should drink energetic drinks after training
    Exercise no more than 3 days a week, you don’t want to be exhausted.

  8. Gabriel González González y Antonio José Palacios Rodríguez says:

    # Nutrition: Eat fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat meat more than 2 times per week. Drink a lot of water. Make a healthy diet.
    # Hygiene: You have to wash your teeth 4 times per day everyday. Have a shower everyday.
    # The Mind: Avoid to have stress. Don’t worry about the past problems. Live the present. Relax. Have a hobby.
    # Additions: Some people like to smoke weed everyday. But it is bad for our health. So don’t smoke. Eat sunflower seeds instead smoke. Don’t consume drugs.
    # Sports: Make exersise everyday. You can sign in a sport team or in a gym. Practice different sports.

  9. Antonio Carmona Enríquez and Alonso Hidalgo Calvo (1ºA) says:

    *NUTRITION: You should eat fruit. You eat vegetables. You should eat everithyng but you shouldn’t eat very much of a food. You should drink water. You shouldn’t drink fizzy drinks.

    *HYGIENE: You should wash your hands many times a day. You should brush your teeht after every meal. You should clean your ears every days. You should clean your private parts every days. Ypu should clean your navel.

    *THE MIND: You should use the memory exercising it doing exercising. You should studying . You should reduce stress appropriate do exercise of leisure. You should do sport. You should forgot the bad regards of past.

    *ADDICITIONS: You shouldn’t try cigarettes. You shouldn’t try alcohol. You shouldn’t try any drugs. You shouldn’t play slot machines. When you addicted to something, you must change your lifestyle.

    *SPORTS: It’s the most important for you health. However, few people do not sport normally and this in much time is very bad. The specialists say that you should the sport three or four hours in a week (A mininum level).

  10. David Fernández and Antonio Ligero says:


    – is good eat cereal and bread in each food.
    -fruit and vegetables is good eat each day of 2-4 pieces.
    -fish, meat, eggs and milk is good eat 2-3 times in a week.
    -sweet with moderation.
    -and water is necessary drink every days.


    – before of eat is necessary wash the hands for have clean the hands.
    -after of each food there are that brush the teeth.
    -have a shower every days for have a good hygiene.
    -clean the ears for have not earwax.
    -not touch the eyes with dirty hand.

    The mind:

    -for don’t stress is good do yoga.
    -use the free time for make things that entertain.
    -there are that go out of home for avaid the depression.
    -if your parent coping with divorce you need talk with your friends or family.
    -if you have a bad day you don’t need resort to with violence.


    -you don’t smoke because this produce illness.
    -you don’t drink alcohol because is bad for your liver and memory.
    -you don’t need drugs because this affect your health.
    -you don’t addict to the game because you lost all money. Not one addition is good for healthy.
    -you hospitalize in a clinic if you can’t leave drugs or alcohol.

    -is necessary do exercise regularly for have a good healthy.
    -not agree danger sport like parachuting, bungee jumping or climbing;.
    -is better swim, tennis or basketball.
    -is necessary rest after of do exercise.
    -while more exercise we do, better we will be.

  11. Eva Cristina Gomes Barbosa and Daniel García Cruces says:

    Hello everybody!!!
    There is some tips to stay healthy…


    -Eat five pieces of fruit every day,
    -don’t skip breakfast,
    -try to keep away from greasy, fatty foods,
    -drink water,
    -eat every type of food.


    -Have a shower every day,
    -brush after every meal,
    -brush your toungue,
    -braces can benifit you for the rest of your life, it’s always important to keep clean braces.

    The Mind:

    -managing your time and your life so you are more productive,
    -don’t wait until the last minute to do things,
    -suicide is never a “way out” or a “good solution”,
    -concentrating on another activity for a few minutes can help your mind calm down,
    -if you suspect anyone may act violently towards you, your friends, or even your enemies, alert a teacher or any responsible adult that you feel comfortable with.


    -Smoking will kill you,
    -drinking will cause you be ill,
    -If you abuse cocaine, you are at high risk of having a stroke or a sudden death,
    -drugs can be fun, but they aren’t,
    -replace smoking with a more healthy activity such as exersise.


    -wear protection to do some sports that high contact is involved,
    -you should always consult your doctor before you take part in a sport,
    -It’s important to find a exercise program that is fun and one that fits your personality,
    -It’s important to build up your exercise program by starting slowly, then gradually working into a more rigorous program,
    -If you are very overweight, running can be very strenuous on your body; many people find it easier to try biking, walking, or skating first.

  12. Angela Ballesteros says:

    -You shouldn’t eat fast food.
    -You should eat a variety of aliments.
    -You should do exercise.
    -You should respect 4 foods.
    -You should avoid excess salt.

    -You should brush your teeth at least three times a day.
    -You should brush your tongue.
    -You shouldn’t smoke.
    -You should clean your brace.
    -You should wash acne zones with gel.

    The Mind
    -You should do exercise.
    -You should sleep at least 8 hours.
    -You should say your emotions.
    -You shouldn’t say that people round yours have the fault.
    -You should enjoy with your fiends and family.

    -You shouldn’t be around people that they’re smoking.
    -You should do activities (like cinema) in your free time.
    -You should talk about your addiction with your family and friends.
    -If you are in drugs, you should investigate about the damages in your body/mind.
    -If you are alcoholist, you should go to annonimous acoholist.

    -You should play football.
    -You should do basketball.
    -You should run/walk everyday.
    -You should do volleyball.
    -You should do ice skating.

  13. Carmen Martín y Lucía Anguita says:

    Carmen M. Romero and Lucía Anguita Rivera
    -Nutrition: 1 Eat three solid meals a day.
    2 Don’t skip breakfast.
    3 Do not eat too much fatty food.
    4 Drink water.
    5 Eat plenty of vitamins and minerals.
    -Hygiene: 1 Brush your teeth
    2 Flossing your teeth
    3 Brushing tounge
    4 Wear braces
    5 Clean your face
    -The mind: 1 Reduce your stress
    2 Keep motivation
    3 Don’t be violent
    4 In case of divorce, do not insult the other parent
    5 Don’t ask to take sides
    -Addictions: 1 Don’t try to smoke
    2 Don’t drink alcoholic drinks
    3 Don’t eat drugs
    4 Speak with your family about your problem
    5 Do different activities in your free time ( like go to a swimming pool …)
    -Sports: 1 Do exercise regularly
    2 Do exercise 30 min for day
    3 Swimming , it’s a very good option
    4 Play basketaball, football , tennis are good option too
    5 Drink water during all the activity

  14. Triana Delgado Hernández says:

    -Drinking more than 2L of water a day
    -Have the same time every day to eat
    -Eat 5 fruits a day
    -Don´t eat fast food
    -Don´t eat many sweets
    -Wash your teeth after eating
    -Shower every day
    -Wash hands often
    -Clean the ears
    -Walk with shoes
    ·The mind
    -Constant brain-Training
    -Haven´t situations with stress
    -Stop after one hour of study
    -Do activities to distraction (sports, reading, music ..)
    -Be optimistic
    Don´t make additions: Tobacco, alcohol, drug. Don´t take anything in excess or bad for organs.
    -Do sports every day
    -Don´t sports with much force of body
    -Don´t do sports for many hours one day
    -Make a healthy sport for all body
    -Do stretch before and after a sports

  15. Eva Cristina Gomes Barbosa says:

    Get Up and Move: Why it’s Important to Be Active

    I high percent of teenagers in our technologic world don’t do the quantity of exercise recommended per week, and some of them never do it, it produce lots of healthy problems.

    In my opinion, the news technologies are the most important factor in this problem. TVs, video games, computer games, internet, smarts phones, all these things provide a way to escape from reality and flee into a fantasy world where everything is possible. It makes teenagers spend their time in that magic world and forget the real one; usually, these habits are related with eating fast food, what aggravate the problem.

    Therefore, if you are one of that couch potato you have to change your habits. If you don’t do exercise at least three times a week, this will cause serious diseases in the future as cholesterol, diabetes, mobility loses, etc.

    In short, everybody knows that begin to practice any sport is difficult, but if you chose a sport that you like it could be even fun, you can know new people, you will feel better and you are going to release that our world isn’t so bad.

  16. Breakfast is important, sure, we all know that. But did you know that not having breakfast can lead to having a bad temper, concentration problems and even low physical and intellectual performance? (This is bad news for us: students)
    All of this is mainly produced by the absence of glucose. Glucose is an important carbohydrate which cells use as the primary source of energy. Our brain has high levels of cellular activity, therefore it needs lots of glucose. Let’s put it this way: Glucose is to the brain what fuel is to cars.
    So then if having breakfast increases our levels of glucose in blood, and high levels of glucose helps to concentrate, memorize and learn… we can say that any good day for a student should start with a big, balanced breakfast.
    It is strongly recommended that you don’t have your breakfast in a rush, that isn’t healthy. A good breakfast should provide about 30% of the total amount of calories per day. This should include: carbohydrates (like bread, cereals, cookies…) milk derived products, a piece of fruit and food rich in proteins (like eggs).
    The Mediterranean diet breakfast is one of the healthiest and most recommended.

    Jose A. Tebar Falcon

    PD: Did you realise that “desayuno” comes from Stop being in “ayunas”? Des-ayuno! LOL
    (I didn’y know that…)

  17. Manuel Martín Romero says:

    What is the stress? The stress is a response of the body front some problems or situations, like the hard work, money debts, uncomfortable situations… When a person feels threatened, the stress increases. This is a needed response, because the stress prepares the person for do a effort, like run, fight, keep a high organization… But when the stress is too high, the person suffers diseases or anomalies like fall of hair, aggressiveness, be irrational…

    To equilibrate the stress, we must liberate it doing some activities like yoga, sport, games… We can liberate stress too having a balanced diet, having a nice time (with friends, watching a movie, doing something that we like…). Is important have a good life, so we must equilibrate our stress.

    Studies demonstrate that person who have a equilibrated stress live more than persons that havent it. So, for have a long and good life, we have to equilibrate the stress.

  18. Triana Delgado Hernández says:

    Get up and move: Why it´s important to be active

    Being active is one of the things necessary for a healthy life. We mustn´t only move when playing sports, also in every activity we do in the day. One of the problems today is overweight, by the little movement we make a day, and we changed it to do some movement activities when we entertain, such as playing computer games or watch TV for too long a day, and also have many technological advances that give more easily when working.
    All people need to do sport at least 4 times a week, don´t only for the beauty of having a body ¨10¨, but not, it is very important for health. One of the healthiest sports for the whole body, is swimming or jogging, as it does throughout the body forces, and is very important for the development of muscles, bones, and improve the strength of heart. Playing sports is something that educated us since we were at school, and we should be accustomed from young to a healthy life and don´t spend all his time sitting on the sofa or listen to music in the bed.

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