Prepositions of place

With this post we will learn the prepositions of place in English.

Activity 1: Practise with this interactive activities on-line.


Activity 2: Now complete this multiple-choice quiz.


Activity 3: Finally, describe the location of the following objects in this bedroom.

sofa    fire-place     carpet     floor     vase with flowers     picture     wall     lamp    armchair    curtains     window


Check your answers! Click on the image and fill in the blanks with the correct preposition.


4 thoughts on “Prepositions of place

  1. Gemichi;) 1ªB ESO says:

    Hello professor. Today I have been practicing the activities em like you said and that I have done, what happens is that as I had to study for tomorrow because social I could stay as long as I would have liked to be a teacher a question or see if you habisto examne morning the English portion decirnolo you mind as he did with the first test is that you are very good.

    many kisses

  2. Adrian 1ºB says:

    Hello teacher , I am Adrian Rivero of class 1ºb.I practice the activities . The activities are mery fun. For my minimum 5 positive. 🙂

  3. Marta S :) says:

    Hello teacher, a long time since I wrote and this is impossible but, . . . I have time! :O
    The activitys are very very very funny 🙂 I have a Social’s Exam tomorrow so I going to study THE CLIMATE 😛
    Bye the best English’s teacher in the world 🙂 (that ball i a jaja)

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