Portfolio Tasks Section 1: writing emails

With this post we will learn how to write email, informal and formal letters.

Activity 1: Learn how to write an email with this interactive graphic organiser.


Activity 2: Here is another website to learn about formal and informal emails. Complete the activities on-line. In a document write a summary of the structure and the key language for each section.


Activity 3: Click here to download two more PDF documents about how to write emails and letters. Print them out and highlight the expressions you can use in emails. Writing-emails and Writing Emails and Letters


Create a Google Drive document for all your Trinity tasks this year. Share the document with your teachers. Copy and paste  the section and task numbers and the paragraph with the instructions for each task in this document before every composition. Don’t forget to include all the tasks mentioned!

Section 1: Correspondence (word length range: 70-80 words)

1. You and your friend are planning an outdoor party together. Write an email to your friend saying what you have done to prepare for the party, what your friend needs to do and what you can do if it rains.

Deadline: 28th January 2013

3. You are going to take part in a sports competition. The prize is meeting a famous sports star. Write an email to a friend saying what the rules of the competition are and who you will choose to meet if you win. Say what you will have to do to prepare for the competition.

Deadline: 4th February 2013


Section 1: Correspondence (word length range: 120–150 words)

2. A famous chef is going to make a television programme about local produce and has asked for suggestions. Write an email to the chef saying what local dishes he should include in the programme and describing how eating habits have changed in your area. Say why you think the programme would be interesting to viewers.

Deadline: 28th January 2013

4. You have been working hard in your job. Write an email to your manager explaining what you have achieved during the past year and including the positive comments made by your colleagues. Persuade your manager to reward you for your hard work.

Deadline: 4th February 2013


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