Reading and creating haiku poems

This term we will celebrate our first haiku writing contest in our school. The prize will be writing and sharing our creations. Haikus are a type of poetry from Japan, three lines with 5, 7 and 5 syllables, with no title.

Activity 1: Visit this website to learn more about how to write haiku. Then, choose two haiku poems in English, Find an image on the Internet to illustrate the idea expressed in the poem. Insert both the poem and the illustration separately in this Stixy board and tomorrow in class we will try to find the pairs.


Activity 2: Now you have to create a haiku poem on a photo or drawing created by yourself. Insert your illustration on the following wallwisher. Deadline: 21 February.


Activity 3: Insert your haiku poems in the following shared presentation. We will show this presentation and publish a book of poems for the Work Book Day on the 23rd April. Deadline: 21 February.


This is an excellent website with more examples in French: Japan Expo

Here is a worksheet with the recipe to write your haiku poem.



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