Writing personal and formal letters

With this post we will learn how to write personal and formal letters.

Activity 1: Learn about the structure of an informal letter.


Activity 2: Try the letter generator to write formal and informal letters.


Activity 3: Now write a formal letter on this BBC website.


Activity 4: Read the examples of letters in this interactive website.


Activity 5: Learn more about writing personal and formal letters.


Activity 6: Listen to this explanation about formal letters.


Activity 7: Finally, visit this website about official letters.



ISE I Section 1: Correspondence (word length range: 70–80 words)

2. Your friend wants to learn another language and doesn’t know whether to do an online course or go to a language school. Write a letter to your friend giving your opinion on online courses and saying what you think about language schools. Tell your friend how you prefer to learn a language.

Deadline: 11th February

4. A music magazine is doing a survey to find the world’s most popular singer. Write a letter to the editor of the magazine describing your favourite singer. Give reasons for your choice and say why you prefer him/her to other singers.

Deadline: 18th February

5. Your friend wants to become a television presenter. Write a letter to your friend saying what he/she will have to do to be a television presenter, what he/she might find difficult and if you think he/she will be successful.

Deadline: 25th February

ISE II Section 1: Correspondence (word length range: 120–150 words)

1. A new school has just opened in your area and it will be named after a famous person. Write a letter to your local newspaper describing the person you think this school should be named after, explaining why this would be a good idea and saying how this person’s life might inspire students.

Deadline: 11th February

3. An environmental organisation is giving awards for effective environmental projects. Write a letter to the award’s organiser describing an environmental project in your area, saying how you think this project might benefit the environment in the future and persuading the organiser to consider the project for an award.

Deadline: 18th February

5. There is a plan to build a large football stadium near a small village in your area. Write a letter to a local newspaper reporting the feelings of local residents, outlining your own views on the plan and speculating on the long-term effects on the village.

Deadline: 25th February


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