A one-sentence plot summary of our favourite films

In this post we will learn how to write a one-sentence summary of a film plot.

What should you include in a plot summary:

  • A character or two
  • Their choice, conflict, or goal
  • Action that will get them to the goal
  • Setting (if important)

Here are some tips to write your summary:

  • Keep it simple. One plotline, 1 or 2 characters.
  • Use the strongest nouns, verbs and adjectives.
  • Use relative pronouns: who, which, that, where
  • Use connectors: and, or, because, but, when …
  • Use verb in gerund: a man living in
  • Make the conflict clear but you don’t have to hint at the solution.

In a Wallwisher or Stixy digital board you must include:

  • A note with the one-word summary of the plot of your favourite film (20-30 words)
  • Include a screenshot of a part of the poster of your film below your summary
  • Create a jigsaw with 30 pieces of the film poster and insert a link to the game in your note to find out the answer. Here is the website to create your jigsaw is: www.jigsawplanet.com

This is the Stixy digital board to insert your note.



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