Creating Timelines

Objectives for creating timelines:

  • To present a chronological sequence of related events along a drawn line
  • A fast ‘snapshot’ of time, people and events

Creating a Timeline – A vertical or horizontal timeline?
When creating a timeline first choose the type of line required.

  • The timeline is usually created by drawing a line from left to right, or top to bottom.
  • Creating a horizontal timeline – can be difficult as this type of timeline is limited by space ( width of page). Recommended for creating short span timelines.
  • Creating a vertical timeline – Vertical timelines which are drawn from top to bottom, allow unlimited entries.

Creating your first Timeline:

Once you have created a timeline the whole process becomes familiar and easy. So now create your own life timeline with the most  important events in your life:

  1. Date of birth: I was born on the …. of  … in …
  2. You start walking
  3. Your first tooth comes in or your first teeth falls out
  4. Birth of a brother, sister, cousin: My brother was born on …
  5. You celebrate your first communion
  6. My aunt, uncle is married
  7. You travel to different places
  8. You have a new house, car, bedroom, pet …
  9. You go to kindergarten
  10. You go to the primary school
  11. You go to the secondary school

You can use this website to create your interactive timeline:

Creating a History Timeline:

You are more familiar with timelines. Now create a timeline in an Impress presentation or a Smart notebook document including the most important time periods and events in our prehistory and history.

The time periods and events you must include in your timeline are:

  • First Human species:  2.5 millions years BC
  • Use of fire: 1 million years BC
  • Prehistory:  from 3 millions years to 3500 BC
  • Neolithic (Agriculture begins): from 10000 BC to 3500 BC
  • Invention of writing:  3500 BC
  • History: from 3500 BC to nowadays
  • Ancient Age: from 3500 BC to 476 AC
  • Fall of Western Roman Empire: 476 AC
  • Medieval Age: from 476 AC to 1492 AC
  • Columbus discovered America: 1492 AC
  • Modern Age: from 1492 to 1789 AC
  • French Revolution: 1789 AC
  • Contemporary Age: 1789 AC-2011 AC

You must include the date and some brief information about each event and images of works of art from each period.

Here are some examples of timelines created by students two years ago:

Inma’s Timeline

Mireya’s Timeline

Sara’s Timeline



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