85th Academy Awards: Oscars Winners


And the winners are …

Watch this video with a collections of all nominations and movies:

Activity 1: Go to the officicial website and see the complete list of nominees and winners. Send me the list of the winners for all these categories by email:

Here is a printable list of all nominees: 2013 Oscars Nominees

Activity 2: Now listen to some of the best original songs in English which were nominated.

The first song is “Before My Time” from the documentary “Chasing Ice”.

Documentary Sinopsis: In 2007 the scientist and photographer James Balog undertook a comprehensive three-year study of glaciers known as the Extreme Ice Survey.  Mounting stationary cameras in numerous frozen regions around the world, Balog and his team used time-lapse photography to document evidence that global warming is causing the rapid disintegration of the Earth’s glaciers.


This is the song by Adele “Skyfall” from the film with the same title.

Here is the link to the fill-in-the-blanks game on Lyrics Training: “Skyfall on LyricsTraining” . Play the game.

Film Sinopsis: After M’s orders lead to James Bond’s near-fatal shooting by a colleague, he returns to duty before he is fully recovered to track down a cyber-terrorist named Silva, a sinister figure from M’s past.  Bond’s efforts to protect M will force him to confront memories from his own past as Silva unleashes a wave of violence in his efforts to destroy M.


This is an interesting video about the best original song “Suddenly” from the film Les Misérables.

Film Sinopsis: In early 19th century France, Jean Valjean, a man imprisoned years earlier for stealing a loaf of bread, decides to break his parole following his release and assume a new identity.  Although he succeeds in building a new life for himself, the relentless pursuit of Inspector Javert threatens the security of Valjean and his adopted daughter, Cosette.


Finally, here is the song “Everybody Needs a Best Friend” from the film Ted.

Film Sinopsis: When a lonely little boy gets his wish and brings his teddy bear to life, the two grow up together pledging eternal friendship.  Their adult relationship, however, has kept John emotionally immature and unable to commit to a life with his girlfriend, while Ted has become a debauched minor celebrity as the world’s only living toy.


Activity 3: Send us a comment with your favourite film, actor, director, songs from all the nominees or favourite moments of the ceremony. Insert the film sinopsis and the link to the trailer or video on Youtube.

I hope you will enjoy all these films, in original version with English subtitles!


5 thoughts on “85th Academy Awards: Oscars Winners

  1. Rocio Torrado says:

    The best dressed actor for me is Jesse Eisenberg (I don’t like this actor but the best dressed is the best dressed) classic and beautiful.
    The best dressed actress is Julia Ormond but all dresses are very beautiful.

  2. Antonio Carmona Enríquez (1ºA) says:

    My favourite film is Les Misérables, my favourite actress is Naomi Watts, my favourite director is Spielberg and my favourite song is “Skyfall´´.

  3. David Fernández Carretero says:

    My favourite film is Lincoln, although didn’t win, my favourite actor is Denzel Washington, my favourite actress is Jennifer Lawrence, that she win the oscar, my favourite director is Steven Spielberg and my favourite song is “Skyfall” by Adele.
    This is the trailer of Lincoln(my favourite film):

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