Oscars 2013 awards ceremony – as it happened


Visit different websites on the Internet to find out about the 85th Oscars Awards. Choose your best moment of the ceremony.

Here are some of the best moments of the ceremony:

Insert a comment to this post including an image or a video of that moment. Write a headline and a short comment about your best speech of the night, the best and worst dressed celebrities on the red carpet and so on (50 words).


12 thoughts on “Oscars 2013 awards ceremony – as it happened

  1. Daniel Pérez y María Mahindo says:

    We think the best part of the Oscars was when the cast of the film “Les MIserables” were singing the song “One day more”, One of the most beautiful song of the film. Personaly we thing that was a emotive moment in all the nigth.

  2. poidajo says:

    Youtube video:

    For me the best moment in the Oscars because Ted is very funny and I like Ted so much, for example the phrase of Ted “Soy un oso guarroso” , Ted gives a pinch of fun to the Oscars.

  3. Diego and Marta says:

    Marta and Diego.
    My favourite moment of the OSCARS was when the miserables cast were singing one day more ,a original song of the film.Was a moment very emotive and amazing.

  4. The American First Lady, Michelle Obama, announced the winner of the category “Best picture”. This award was given to Argo. Michelle appeared in a screen via satellite, live from the White House. First, she introduced the nominees, and finally she said the name of the winner.
    Here’s a photo of this moment:

    Michelle Obama

  5. Moisés says:

    One of the oscar’s winners was Adele with her soundtrack in the film 007 skyfall , in my opinion the best song and films are 007 skypefall (the song of Adele and the fiml). I recomended you that film because if you like the actions films this is one of them . And if you like Adele that single is one of is best songs.

  6. Mª Mar Casillas says:

    Jennifer Lawrence
    In my opinion, the best dressed actress was Jennifer Lawrence. Her dress Dior Haute Couture, was very wonderful and she look like a princess. I love it!!

    Jennifer starred one of the scenes more comment: when she felt on the floor.

  7. Our favourtite part of the ceremony was when Ted, the bear of the cinema, appeared in real life speaking. It was exiting and so great, because you was saw a fictional character speaking and moving , and it was with difference our favourite part pf the Goya’s adwards.

    Here is the video complete:

  8. Helen & Peter says:

    Our favorite moment at “The Oscars” was when Ted appeared telling the best actor prize’s winner. It was fantastic, because it was so funny and original. The best dress was Miley Cyrus’, it’s so simple and beautiful. The worst dress was Helen Carter’s because it is very strange and ugly.

    Miley Cyrus

    Elena Macías y Pedro Rodríguez

  9. Estíbaliz Vargas and Esther Anguera says:

    We think that the best moment is the fall of the actress Jennifer Laurence, it was very funny, but her dress for our opinion was the best dress of the ceremony. She was very beautiful and cute.

    Jennifer Lawrence

  10. Alba Aragón and Rocío García says:

    Our favorite moment was when Adele won his first Oscar for the title song of the new James Bond film, “Skyfall”. The song is beautiful and she performed it at the Oscars really well. Her voice was as amazing as always and she did a wonderful tribute to the 50th anniversary of the film 007, as so many others have done before!

    Adele won an Oscar

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